10 Reasons Why Men Almost Always Come Back


The time after a break up can be very tough for you, however, it can also be tough on your ex-boyfriend. Despite partying it up and meeting new women, when the music calms, you’ll always be there in the back of his mind. He’ll wonder how you’re doing without him and rehearse the what if’s in his head over and over again. Do men always come back? Not necessarily, but there are some obvious reasons and some not so obvious reasons why men will come back into your life. It may not be permanent, but men are fighters when it comes to love and are always willing to make a come back for the girl they want.

So why do men almost always come back? Here’s our top 10.

1. Sex

When a man isn’t getting his fix he becomes sexually frustrated. This is especially true if he was getting some with you on a consistent basis. Be careful though, don’t just assume that he came back because he’s not getting sex elsewhere. Sometimes it can be a comfort thing. Maybe the new girl he’s getting it on with doesn’t do the little “tricks” that you do? The sad reality is that most guys aren’t getting any straight out of a relationship. They’ve been in relationship mode too long that it’s tough to hop back in the field of play and land a GOOD hookup. With that being said, more than likely he’s just not getting any.

2. He Genuinely Misses You

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The men that love being single secretly wish they had a relationship and the men in a relationship secretly wish they were single again. As soon as the relationship ended, he was a bit sad but then realized he was single again. He could now go out with his boys, hit on girls, party and drink without having the guilt of a girlfriend weighing him down. Soon after though it all slowly fades away. He’ll start to miss you and the little things that came along with being in a relationship. This almost always happens..unless his ex-girlfriend was a complete bitch. Then he’d rather drink with his buddies.

3. Jealousy

When guys see an ex-girlfriend with another guy it really gets his blood boiling. He may not always show it on the surface but deep down he’d really like to punch that new guy in the face. This sucks the most for guys because it reinforces the reality that you two are no longer a couple. He’ll either make sure you aren’t happy with this guy or make an effort to win you back. Men will always come back with one of these two things in mind or they’ll ignore it all together.

4. He’s Changed

Do Men Always Come Back?

Men can change if they really want to. You as a woman can never change a man, but instead can open his eyes to a whole new reality that maybe he doesn’t want to face – like the reality of living without you. If he really wants to come back into your life he’ll want to show you how he’s changed. More then often he’s kicked some things out of his life that he knows you don’t like. He’s willing to show you these things up front not only for self-gratification but also because he wants the opportunity to be your man again.

5. He Regrets Leaving

When a man leaves a woman he’ll sometimes regret his decision. He’ll start to look back and realize that he focused all of his attention on the things he didn’t like about you instead of the things he loved. As soon as he realizes the qualities you brought to the table, he’ll start kicking himself in the ass and contact you as soon as possible with the hopes that you’ll take him back. Give the stupid guy another shot will ya?

6. He’s Checking Up

What do we mean by checking up? We mean that he wants to see if you miss him as much as he misses you. He’ll send you the “hey how are you” text message as if you guys are barely meeting. He really just wants to see if the feelings are still mutual. This will bring him back around, maybe not for good but definitely long enough for you to notice that he misses you.

7. He Doesn’t Want to Start Over

Why Do Guys Always Come Back?

Going through the whole getting to know each other phase with another girl is a hassle. It can be really fun for your ex-boyfriend but eventually it becomes a “been there done that” situation. Guys would rather go back to their comfort zone (you) before starting all over again.

8. Standards

When the relationship is over a new standard is set by default. He now knows what he likes and doesn’t like. While he’s out dating new women, he’ll start to compare by default because of the standards that you set in your past relationship together. If for whatever reason he feels those standards are not being met, he’ll go back to you knowing you’re the only girl who can fulfill his needs.

9. Memories

Men will always remember the good times when they aren’t making new ones with another girl. This makes him want to make more memories with you at any cost. He’ll come back with a purpose to make happy memories instead of the bad ones you parted with.

10. His Parents

His mom or dad keeps reminding him what an idiot he was for letting you go. Any guy that has had a relationship with a girl has some kind of relationship with his parents. A mother especially knows when her son isn’t at his best and knows the reasoning behind it – a mothers intuition if you will. He’ll start to listen to his mom when she reminds him that he’d better start learning to cook, clean and sew a button if he doesn’t get her back.

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What do you think?

Are there any other reasons a guy would come back? Share your thoughts below in our comments section!

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  1. If someone can give me some insight here I’d really appreciate it.

    My boyfriend just broke up with me. We were together for 8 months. I just found out he is “talking” to his ex girlfriend again. This women, after 3 years, left him while he was at work. Packed up her stuff and moved out without explanation. While we were together he almost never talked about her unless prompted and said what she did was unforgivable.

    We had talked about our future, marriage possibly, having a child….up until the break-up which was completely out of the blue for me.

    Can anyone, preferably a man, explain to me what is going on? Why would he just change his mind suddenly? How can men lose their feelings so quickly?

    Any insight would be great! Thanks

    1. Depending on your age, talking about marriage, having a child, and the rest of your lives talk really freaks guys out.

      When you go from one relationship, being hurt, then into another relationship and rushing into things that fast, mixed emotions can set in.

      So here’s what probably happened (a man’s perspective):

      Your boyfriend has commitment issues. He’s probably scared of being with one woman for the rest of his life without having really lived it up.

      This doesn’t necessarily mean being with more women, it simply means reaching his own goals.

      Usually there’s a deeper meaning than “I just don’t have feelings for you anymore.”

      From what you said, and to keep things simple, you probably just came on too strong with the marriage stuff, having a child, spending the rest of your life together talk.

      There’s always positives to take from any break up. Now you know what you want for your own future and you can only become a better person from it.

      All the best!

      1. This is also what happened to me. Almost word for word. Here’s the problem…..I’m still mad about him. It’s been about 6 weeks & I’ve talked to other men because I miss talking to him…So I agreed with him that we could try to be friends.

        I want to approach the subject of possibly going back to him.. I can’t get him off my mind, but I’m afraid he’s not going to want to date or be together now. He does want to focus on getting ahead, has financial issues due to child support & an ex who ran up hits credit cards..

        How long do you wait for someone? We never fought, he just got scared.

      2. This is also what happened to me. Almost word for word. Here’s the problem…..I’m still mad about him. It’s been about 6 weeks & I’ve talked to other men because I miss talking to him…So I agreed with him that we could try to be friends.

        I want to approach the subject of possibly going back to him.. I can’t get him off my mind, but I’m afraid he’s not going to want to date or be together now. He does want to focus on getting ahead, has financial issues due to child support & an ex who ran up hits credit cards..

        How long do you wait for someone? We never fought, he just got scared.

    2. I think that was something different and it had nothing to do with rushing things, that just sounds like a stereotype. Smf4123 said his boyfriend broke up with her and then, started to talk with his ex again, seems that was the reason, considering his ex suddenly disappeared from his life, he probably found her and then, wanted to be with her again, because he still had feelings towards her, if he would break up with her, he probably wouldn’t have left Smf4123. Yes, men can lose their feelings as fast as doing a snap, the reason can be related to the aspirations and wishes of every man. Maybe he wanted to start a family with you, but then his ex appeared in the picture and that changed all his plans.

      I remember this girl I had, we had previously broke up, because I didn’t have a good relationship with her best [female] friend, her friend has no other friends, thus, it was annoying for her when I want to spend time with my ex. During the time we broke up, I started to like another girl and I was [really interested] in her, then, one of those days, I was talking with my ex, we had a nice conversation like we were just friends, through that, I mentioned that I liked this other girl. Near the end of that conversation we both wanted to be back together.

      I always treated her well, first was the problem with her friend, now, she was jealous about the girl I said I liked, even if I never mentioned the subject again or talked to that girl, she brought that over and over again. I can understand she felt that other girl was a menace for her, but one of those days, she translated that jealousy into mistreating me, she was in bad mood when I was next to her. She later approached to me and gave me a smashed, crumpled paper with a note, which it said, she wanted to talk and I should call her in the afternoon, that was enough for me, I went immediately to talk to her and I told her, “You know what? I’m tired, we broke up”, then I left.

      Previously, that same day, one guy who knew about that other girl, offered me his help, I told him that no, I didn’t want, that I was fine. The second after I broke up with my girlfriend I didn’t have any feeling about her. I remembered the offer and I told him that I accept his help. Later she saw me, at the distance, talking with the other girl, then she looked down.

      Months passed, I had another girlfriend and my ex was still interested in me, so, she was trying to cause a break up by intimidating my girlfriend. She contributed to that, it was a relationship which was going to end sooner or later, though. Weeks later, my ex sent me a letter, telling me about all her feelings and how much she missed me.

      We later agreed to talk, I told her I had no plans to return with her, then she told me she was surprised about that day, that after breaking up I went to talk to this other girl, that how could I forget about us so easily? Then I told her, she knew how she behaved and treated me all that time and then, she realized everything and told me, “I know”. We finally ended up in good terms and as any couple which broke up, we didn’t have so much contact, but we didn’t feel uncomfortable or awkward when we were close to each other.

  2. My boyfriend and I were dating for about 22 months. He texted me saying he wanted to break up because he didnt like me being friends with a guy. Ive been friends with this guy for way longer than my boyfriend and i have been talking. I didnt agree with him, so the relationship ended in an argument. After not talking for a couple of weeks, he texted me saying how he missed me and regretted everything and just wanted me back. I told him I’d be friends with him and maybe go out with him again. Later in the conversation, I started asking him questions. Turns out he broke up with me for someone else. It’s been two months since the break up, and he’s still asking to go back out. I havent completely firgiven him. Should I? How do I know if he really means what he says?

    1. Taking someone back after they broke up with you for someone else is like reloading the gun and giving it back to him to shoot you in the back once more.

      He probably is deeply sorry, but it doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t do it to you again. I mean what makes you think he won’t find a new “flavor of the week” and dump you again?

      Plain and simple, this life is too short to be wasting your time on second chances. Consider it a lesson learned and take the positives from the break up. Move on. You’ve got a lot of life to live.

  3. Hey there,

    Can someone please help me with this one. I have been seeing this guy for 8 months now. The first 5 months of our relationship were amazing. I had never felt so close to a guy and generally just at peace with him. It was perfect. We spoke on the phone all day long and we weren’t apart for more than a day at a time. Within those 5 months he had trust issues with me. I lied on my whereabouts once but he forgave me. He did tell me during the argument that he can’t ever take me seriously. Well, things got back to normal, or so I thought. The communication was still there; the passion still there. Until the 5th month when I had to move away for 4 months for school. He changed. The calls became less (I was hearing from him one time a day as opposed to the usual 10 times) and I just generally felt a distance between us almost immediately. He never said Happy Valentine’s Day to me even after I reminded him the day before to do so.

    Well, things went down hill after that. I had been trying to patch things up with him even though he claimed everything between us was fine. So this last 8th month was the worst. A few weeks before the break up (and we were back in the same town) I kept bugging him about communication. I mean there was a time he went 5 days without speaking to me and I just felt it wasn’t normal. He swore he wasn’t seeing anyone else and would just blame it on being busy with work. I tried to break off the relationship every other week but I’d quickly apologise for it because eventually, I wouldn’t see a lack of communication as a big enough reason to break up. We were still seeing each other once a week or once every other week.

    Anyway, so I eventually had enough when he went for a party without me. My problem with that was that I was invited by a mutual friend of ours 2 weeks before the party but I said I’d prefer if my boyfriend told me himself as I don’t know the guy throwing the party. My boyfriend never did and I got mad and broke it off. He got mad, said a few things then said goodbye over txt msg (because I typed my long break up msg over text). I don’t know if I miss him because I was complaining to him more often than not about our communication and he kept reassuring me that everything was fine and he wanted to be with me. But I always felt something was wrong. Anyway I want to know if he will be back.

    1. He’ll definitely cum bec trust me,just pretend you’ve moved on with your life and hey you also ignore him for as long as you can###experienced

  4. I need a man’s perspective.

    Me and the mechanic were together for just over 7 months. He’s got along great with my kids, he’s slowly started stepping into a role model for them (biological father is absent). I met his friends within a week of our first date, I’ve since become friends with them as well, I know he loves me and my kids. His mom loves me and my boys (I still see her) , so much so that even though me and the mechanic split, she has since made a play area for my kids in her home and they now have toys there (she doesn’t have grandkids so I see this as a big deal). Since we broke up about 2 months ago we still saw each other regularly, he’s initiated, we talk on the phone, I’ve met more of his friends, he’s took me and my kids bowling as a treat for their good behavior. We still sleep together. Literally and sexually (he and I have both admitted to having the best physical experiences with the other) . He’s known that I still wanted a relationship with him (I screwed up and crossed a trust boundary by going into his phone to reread something which lead to our demise) and I know it will take time to gain that trust again. He’s has low testosterone, and when he’s uses his supplements regularly his drive goes through the roof, the past 2 weeks or so I’ve felt (emotionally) like that’s all her wanted me for, even though I knew (logically) that it wasn’t true. Egh feelings. I brought it up to him here got really upset and left. We didn’t talk the next day (I was at his moms) our next conversation that night was awkward. I asked if he’d meet me for lunch as an olive branch of sorts, he called and I basically said is this where you want us to be (not talking after he stormed out) ? Cause if it is then I’ll leave you alone. He said that I’m a good woman, he doesn’t have a single bad thing to say about me, but he can’t make me happy it’s either too much or not enough, so he’s done trying. We hung up shortly. Within 10 minutes he text to see if I wanted to go driving around with him (one of our typical activities if I don’t have my kids with me). He bought a book I wanted to read to my kids that we found during our travel. He made a detour on our way back to try to find the grounds to a castle we saw, which made me a little late picking my kids up. So……. My question is. He is the definition of man. He’s not overly emotional, he doesn’t express his feeling well, he’s not into huge PDA, he has physically demanding work, he loves old trucks and cars, he’s a provider, needs his space, never let’s me pay for so much as a stick of gum. He is a man through and through. How will I tell in the coming weeks if he is just wanting to stay friends (we get along extremely well in person and intellectually) or if he still carries a torch and I still have his heart.

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  6. Hi there
    I would really appreciate if someone could help me out
    I was with this guy for almost 2 years and a half and he ended over text, so ridiculous I was heart broken by what happened and still am to this day. It’s been a year since the break up but within this whole year I saw him a lot since we have so many mutual friends which makes things much harder, but everywhere I see him all he does is sit there and stare at me, and recently he’s been doing it so much more and when I look into his eyes I can tell that he’s not over it and I feel like he wants to talk to me. I don’t know what to do I just need some advice.

    1. How old are you and your boyfriend? Why do you think he stares at you and says nothing? Did he break up with you or did you break up with him? Is he looking around for other girls and just keeping you open as an option?

      I would suggest that if you have spoken to this man and expressed to him how you feel and all he does after all this time is sit and stare that he is not prepared to do anything other than that. If he will not speak to you, just keep it moving. I know this is painful, but I found myself in a similar situation. I was very attached to the man and tried to figure out what was going on inside his head. Eventually I figured out that I was wasting my time. He was unresponsive for a reason I could not understand at all.
      Have you ever heard the expression “what is the sound of one hand clapping”? If he is not coming forward the way he used to, there is no “clapping”. You are going to break your arm trying to make the sound by yourself. Don’t do it. I am sure you are a lovely woman and if the guy cannot step up to the plate at this time it is really best to walk away. Who knows what he is thinking over. Believe me I know it is easier said than done. But down the road when you walk around looking at other people and other people are looking at you and smiling at you, you will know that his smile, though special, is not the only one out there, and your smile is a gift to others too. I like to think of my ex as a “visitor”. Someone who came into my life, we shared joy, and then he left. Really easier to move on that way, especially if I am the only one “clapping”. Good luck.

  7. I was with him on and off for 3 years. At first we didn’t want anyone to know, because of his family. But we had an amazing relationship. He was my best friend, we could talk about anything or have fun doing whatever. He was the first to express his love, and I felt the same way. After 2 years we talked about spending our lives together, and then he proposed. The relationship got rocky because of his family, and he became overly stressed. He almost died 2 times within a week, and not long after that we found out I was pregnant. He left me. We tried to talk for about 3 weeks but we haven’t talked in over 2 months. He told me he absolutely does not want the baby and never wants to see me again. I know he didn’t leave for anyone else, as he is beyond anti-social and never goes anywhere. I’m not perfect, I can be a bitch sometimes, but he’s always been there for me. Like I said, we were best friends but now he’s gone and it hurts more than words can say. We haven’t had any contact at all. No calls or texts, not even Facebook or email. He blocked my Facebook, so he has the option for contact. He knows where I live, he has my phone number. I won’t bother him, he hates being pushed into a corner so to say. But I have convinced myself that he won’t contact me in any way. I still wish he would, but he’s as stubborn as I am. Any advice or input? I just feel lost I guess.

  8. There’s this guy I hadn’t met before but spoke to almost everyday on phone. The first day I met him, we had sex, and one more after. After being intimate with him, he hardly answered my texts or calls, so I figured I wasnt needed so I kinda forgot about him. But he called and told me how sorry he was for doing that. He went to a different state to study, and stopped getting in touch like we use to. But I figured hes is just a jerk so again, I kinda stopped thinking of him until he called to apologize and promised it wouldn’t happen again. I don’t call or send texts, he does all that and I ignore him but he keeps trying. I really need to know what his deal with me is? Because I sexed with him the first time we met, he run and apologized. I want to know why hes acting the way he is. Does he love me? Should I take him seriously?

    1. Let him take you out to dinner, buy you some nice gifts, take you for a day trip to the park or a special lake or a resort. Do not go to his home. Do not invite him to your home. Just go out and have fun with him. Do this at LEAST for a period of one month. If he likes you, he will want to spend time with you. And you will find out if you like to spend time with you. Does he have a job? Is he involved with another woman? Don’t have sex with him until you find out if the both of you enjoy spending time together and he makes you happy. What do you want? Just sex or someone to do things with? YOU create the program. Good luck.

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  10. My boyfriend and I had been dating for 24 months when he broke up with me. He broke up with me because he said he wasn’t happy anymore and wanted space. I’m really broken and I miss him terribly. I really want him back! What do I do? He still has all our pictures on facebook and Instagram and it says we’re still in a relationship on facebook and it’s been almost 3 weeks. He’s been having fun hanging out with his guys and talking to girls. Am I losing him? I just don’t know what to do. It’s our first break up and I just want him back.

    1. Sandra,

      I feel bad for so many people on here who haven’t gotten replies/answers. It’s been a while and I don’t know if you guys got back together but I’ve done a lot of research on break ups and relationships. Bottom line, it’s a good sign that he still has your pictures on his FB page. He is still hanging on to you for sure. Now you must do what you do not want to do…leave him ALONE, let him figure things out in his head.
      The rule is, when a guy says “I need space” or breaks up with you, you MUST GIVE HIM SPACE. Why? Because if you keep bugging him and going toward him he will get more turned off. Not to be mean but he is already either frustrated with you, burnt out on you, feeling crowded or a little tired of you and has lost some interest. That’s okay tho! Just tell him you understand that he needs space and tell him he can have all the time he needs. After a few days or maybe a week, he will miss the SILENCE from you and will miss you. If it’s a break up it could take a month-2 months. THAT is exactly what you must do when a guy needs space. No texting, no calling, no showing up where you know he’ll be. Is it easy? NOOOooo. BUT if you don’t give him space or leave him ALONE when he breaks up with you (make him come to you) he will pull farther away from you and you could lose him forever. Post and let us know what happened. Much happiness to you.

        1. Awesome! I’m in the same boat. I’ve finally backed off. I’m waiting. He didn’t want to pursue relationship after it started to feel serious because he “wasn’t ready.”

          A mo later, the most miserable of my life, He came by to help with a project, but he sat at my table & talked for 2 hrs. He told me about his recent trip, how he tried to date an ex school mate- that it didn’t work. What got to me was the sparkle in his eye. When I showed him my project, he slightly touched , brushed up against me “accidentally”, several times. He’s coming back in 2 days to start helping me with work on my electric problem, but I agreed to pay him for his time.

          What do you think? We’ve only checked each other’s Facebook status, comments. Both of us have been posting “break up/sad songs” & although I try to make my page look normal, smiling pics, losing weight, recipes- family status, he can prob tell that I’m still mourning our relationship.

          Are any of these signs he may come back??

  11. hey, for the “checking up” my ex txt me saying “hey” but thats about it but it was till like few days till he didnt txt me when i broke up with him. so when he txted me right after few days later, he misses me? btw, why would a guy ask a girl out but never hang with her? like is it cause hes that nervous or too shy to like hang with her so he make up little lies that he cant make it? is it cause hes too afraid of girls that in his mind if he come, she wont be there, so he avoid that happening by him not hanging with his girl? is it cause he dont kno how to treat a girl right? we are both young, yes, im 16 turning 17 soon and hes i think 16 if not already 17 but ik hes older than me by few months i think. anyways, why he treat me like im a bad person or something like i will hurt him? i wont hurt him and he knows that too.. plz help me anyone..? idk what to do no more and i do like him but sometimes i get a feeling that he doesnt like me and that everything is all a scam/using me that “oh yeah he have a gf” but never hang around with her.?! o.O

  12. When my ex boyfriend and I broke up he turned off my phone and all contact was severed. After 4 months he has turned my phone back on. I contacted him to tell him the phone was on. He said he know it was. I don’t understand what he’s doing. I’m thankful for it but I’m a little confused. He’s the one that wanted to brake up. I know I still love him, but I don’t want to push him away. Dont know what I’m to do.

  13. some insight would be GREAT

    I broke up with my boyfriend after being together for 6 months. We ended because he wasn’t making me a priority. I didn’t want to be the center of his universe by any means but he was very unreliable, wouldn’t show up when he was supposed to and would always rather be out with his friends. I know he doesn’t want a relationship right now, that’s why he was acting like that. We haven’t talked since I broke up with him. We’ve seen each other in passing and said hi but that is it. Will he come back around when the timing is right for him? Should I just give up all hope?

  14. Hi,
    I hope you can help me. I had been with my boyfriend for 4 years and he broke up with me a few days ago. I knew in my mind the NC was the best way to go, we have broken up before and I did my best to move on.. NC, rebounded yada yada. Eventually, he wanted me back. This time, stupidly, I gave in to my inner turmoil of emotions and emptiness and contacted him. This just ended up making me feel worse, as he said he feels nothing for anything (he has had depression for some time), he needs space and time to build himself back up from this, and he wants to experience life without a partner and be alone (we are both quite young) and that he knew he couldn’t and wouldn’t build himself back up whilst he was with me. He said that his doubts had been going on for months, that he just didn’t feel the same. I didn’t see any of this though, I only noticed him being distant a couple of weeks ago. I thought we were good. Now all this. We lived together, so he moved out when we broke up. I’m devastated, as you can imagine, and that’s why I’m here. I want him back. I know that NC is still the best way to go from here on out (even though I really just want to apologise for being such an emotional wreck and calling him in the first place). Problem is, I have no clue if he will ever want me back or if he’ll just move on. We don’t see each other, I have no idea what he’s doing with himself (if he’s rebounded, or wanting to) and I can’t eke tabs as he blocked me on Facebook (probably shouldn’t be obsessing anyway, right?) so, I don’t know how to tell if he wants me back. He left some of his things here so if he contacts me during NC to get it back should I still ignore him? Or should I let him get his things and have to deal with seeing him/talking to him again and face the possibility I may go back to square one? He’s as stubborn as the next man, when he makes a decision he generally tends to stick to it.. Also with the depression, I don’t know if he even feels a thing. HELP. Please. Do I have any chance or should I just try and move on??

  15. So I need advice guys. I’ve been in a relationship with. Guy for 8 years. We been talking about marriage and he constantly told me he loved me. I always hD doubts that is he cheating on me. Just cuz I’m a girl and I always felt insecure. But he constantly told me were older and the mistakes he made when he was 16 which was flirting on Facebook is in the past. Something big happened on his life. His dad from his home country kind of told him that he’s doing nothing in life such as school and his life is wasting away. He met me and told me all this and was thinking of moving to his country to go back to school. I cried and cried. He felt horrible and said he loves me and he’s Gona talk to his dad and figure things out and he needs to just figure it out. I wouldn’t give it a rest kept bothering him even when I reached home. Feeling so insecure. I cried and threatened to kill myself. He constantly told me he just needs to space to think and figure things out and that if I stick with him that’s all he needs. But of course I couldn’t. Felt more insecure. I kept calling and he said he didn’t wana marry me. He didn’t feel the spark. I met him the next day. He said he didn’t love me. He didn’t feel anything and he needs to break up with me to find himself as a person. He said there’s a 80 percent chance he won’t come back after this break up. I asked did u ever love me. He said I guess. He said I was the best thing in his life but he can’t continue with me. And that he felt like this for a month. Even tho he was so serious about marriage and wanting to be with me for the rest of my life a week ago. And when I always had doubts he always said we are not young and that he I’m his everythibg and we will get married. And that he would talk to my brother about us. Regardless of when my bf was drunk or sober he constantly told me that. So what are the chances him coming back. I havnt talked to him for 6 days. Using the NC rule. Anyone that can give me insight on a guys point of view. I know all those things he said about loving me wasn’t a lie. Because him as a person would never say Nyting to me just to say it now always meant what he said. That’s why the day he broke up with me seem so serious. Do u guys think it’s from anger and frustration and once time passes he will realize that he truly loves me ?

    1. Hi, 6 days is too soon, my bf broke up with me after 9 years after we told our families we want to commit to marriage.
      I always had my insecurities because he didn’t show me the love he usto years ago. I made things worse by nagging and getting paronoid etc. Eventually he broke up with me and left. My family were devestated and I have been suffering depression since. I am currently in NC mode and have been over a month, yet there has been no progress.
      My advice would be leave him and take each day as it comes, without realising everyday makes you a stronger person and if it’s meant to be he will come back to you, but if it isn’t then at least you have prepared yourself in time.
      Men like to be in control at all times hence why he will only return out of choice not if he is being asked to. Good luck, and keep me posted x

  16. I’m losing it bad. My guy & I were together for 3 months but know from the first date we had an uncanny connection to each other. Even down to him returning from a show that was out of town & asked what I wanted to do. I said “all I can think about is sex & ice cream” he said “OMG, I just told my friend the exact same thing yesterday” (we never eat ice cream). He is a body builder & I work out every day so that was strange.
    I have an ex husband that I had a restraining order against. Ok, we stood before the judge & I said I don’t want him to have it on his record, please make him leave me alone. Then we both ended up at the same place, he cussed me out (drunk), I called the police & they said to write the judge so I did. About 6 weeks go by & I realize I don’t have the title to my Harley. I contacted him & he was like the normal person I knew..not the crazy stalking, hacking, freak he had been. He has a gf now, thank God.
    Well, because of the delay after the divorce, we didn’t get everything taken care of as far as small things…bike parts, title & he had to come over to help start my bike because I sold it.
    During all of this I was not to contact my boyfriend for 2 weeks because of what body builders have to do to prepare for shows. It’s insane.
    Well once the show was over he was at my house every day. We were going to dinner then dance & I mentioned my ex stopping by to give me medicine. My guy left..I ran to my phone, called & was like WTH?! He said to never call or talk to him again. Then called back 30 seconds later saying some crazy sh*t like if I try to pull anything I will have huge problems & regret ever meeting him.
    We were so contacted before this. What the hell happened & do you think he’ll ever talk to me again (he had me blocked on fb before he could have been home). I’m beyond heartbroken. This happened last week. Can someone give me input? Without telling me to let it go because he is unlike any man I have ever met.
    (I might add that he continuously says he doesn’t want a relationship because they are too hard & he doesn’t trust women but yet we were together all the time. I met his dad & brother. But something that struck me as odd about a month ago is when I sent him some pics of me laying out in the sun & he replied that I better not send those to anyone else. Then said “you’re mine :)” Now is a girl really supposed to “get” this??? HELP PLEASE – I want him, I pray for him. (bf age 31, me 34, ex 41)

  17. My ex-boyfriend and I went out for about three months but for three years we were on and off and never really officially got back together and we would end up arguing. Thing is I never really let go of my feelings for him and I tried to move on. I would go on dates with other guys but somehow I always found myself going back to him whenever he reached out to me. I have never been the first one to contact him, it’s always him. Anyway recently he has started talking to me again after months of not talking at all and I don’t understand why he always tries to start something with me when he talks to a handful of other girls. I don’t know what’s going through his mind and I can’t ask him because he always gives me a vague answer.

  18. I need a help.. i was in a relationship with a guy for just a month. In this time he loved me like anythng, he wanted to spend a lot of time with me, he did everythng wat he could, but after a week something happened by my mistake.. He started ignoring me.. I tried my best to get him back. i loved him like hell. Did every possible thing what i could do to get him back. But he end up by saying that he loves me but he dont want to get into a relationship. He just want me as a friend. But i love him and i cant be friends with him so i just left… I stil miss him n love him more than anything. Wil he ever get back to me? I have made so many efforts to get him back but he ends up by saying dat he dnt want relationship.. Will he ever realise that i loved him madly.

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  20. I need help please. My boyfriend of four years just broke up with me. We have known each other since 9 grades dated our 10 grade year I moved and my freshman yr in college we got back together. He cheated on me in college and I kissed a guy in college. So we both cheated which led to trust issues. We decided to work them out and move on. After college I moved in with his parents and we argued a lot which put the family in our relationship and that’s a no no. Once we moved out and got our own spot we still argued on and off sometimes more than usual over stupid stuff like cleaning, putting dirty cloths away etc. Dumb things. We knew it was stupid so we would always blow it over because our love for one another was stronger than the little incidents. He has moved out once before and moved back in with his parents and I think all the stuff we went through and his family being put in the middle of it made his mom not like me. Like when he was over the first time he moved out his mom asked why are you over her house. I understand its her son but she was in our business a lot and it was because he was a momma boy. Plus when your son hurts you are going to be on defense. But when he moved back in she said she wasn’t getting into our relationship again and she didn’t but this time we got into it over something stupid and he moved out I went over to talk to him and his mom said she needs to leave I did respectfully. I’ve been so emotional because I have been through so much with the guys and his is my best friend, boyfriend,we went through me being pregnant but losing the Baby, good times bad times everything you can name I have been through it with him. I know in the relationship I have lost myself and I know I need to find out who I am and make myself happy first. He told me that the day he was leaving and it hurt. I’ve talked to him 3 times since we broke up and I’m trying not to be emotional and needy and act desperate but its hard he was my other half and me being in this apartment makes me think of him. I lost my job and he said he will still help me pay the rent so I guess he still cares. But when we talked he tells me our chapter is over he is tired of being controlled and being disrespected and not having me listen to him. I don’t do these things on purpose and it only happens when we argue over stupid stuff. Well my question is with everything I just said is there a chance we will get back together he has told me over the phone I’m not getting myself together because I’m calling him I’m not giving him time to miss me. I’ll say once we work on ourselves do you think we can give it a fresh start he says sure maybe idk but then tell me don’t give myself false hope and he will probably need come back. And there is someone out there for me. And he wasn’t Happy. He said he is grieving just as well as I am and he thinks about it to. And he isn’t looking for a new relationship. Please what should I do please help is there a chance for us. He says he still has love for me and cares about me but he doesn’t want to be with me. He doesn’t know if we will ever be together again. Is he doing this to hurt me or is this forreal. P.s. sorry so long I have a lot on my mind as you can see

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  22. Hey, Friends, it’s really sad and touching what we go though this days in our relationship. I have been in relationships affected by pains and depression for years, both sides (I was depressed, but thanks to God, am now a happy woman today with the help of someone). It’s sad to say, but I have lots of experiences on this subject. If you’re interested, I’d share them with you, so that you can forever be happy in your relationship and be happy with the person you love. You can write to my email address: keishapeeter@gmail.com , hope you’re holding up!


  23. Well I am in need of some advice.

    My boyfriend broke up with me because he said he needed space and time to himself to think. He said that he still loved me but didn’t know if he was still inlove or it was just comfort. We have been together for 1 year and about 6 months. We have been living together since the beginning. we are both 20. He still has all my pictures in is social media. Our relationship has always been a good one we fought but not about serious things. I am very much inlove with him and I just need some advice. Thank you so much

  24. Plz help…I have been seeing a neighbor guy for about 3 months. I have met his parents and friends. We even went to Florida on vacation together. He is an alcoholic… which I am ok with because I feel I love him drunk or sober.(while drunk we are very close and talkive) But when he gets sober which is only about 2 out of 4 weeks at best…he eventually tells me he just wants to be friends…. but then after 2 or 3 days he calls or comes over just like nothing has happened. He has done this to me about 3 times now and I am at wits end. Maybe its the alcohol problem or being sober or maybe his true feelings??
    (he does have an exwife that he still gives money to and talks to briefly daily). Or maybe its her?? I just don’t know and he doesn’t really give me any reason for this behavior… I know I should just leave him alone but he has now got close with my kids and Im not getting any younger and I really do like him…. Plz some advice… :(

    1. I am not getting any younger either. I have no kids and my last boyfriend took a lot of drugs, which I did not know about when the relationship started. When I found out I was shocked. Some of his friends were really creepy.
      It was a 4 year roller coaster ride with this man who left me in the end. The friends and the drugs seemed to be a big problem.
      My advice to you is to step back from the situation and tell the guy how you feel. It is just like an alcoholic or drug user to bounce around like this emotionally, then everybody bounces with him. Probably the reason he split up with the wife. She can be friends from a distance.
      One day my ex was hot, then he was cold. Not consistent in his words and actions.
      No man is perfect, but my advice would be to tell him exactly how you feel and take a step back. One day he is in one mood, next day something else. It happened to me and it was so stressful. I still miss the guy, but
      when I think about how much he took my affections for granted – I don’t miss that.
      I would suggest to him that he visit a doctor. That might give him the wake up call he needs to see what he is doing to his body and maybe he will change his drinking habits. As long as he drinks, you can expect hot and cold from him.
      I understand what you mean about getting older and being alone. It’s only been 3 months. Start to dig yourself out of this hole as soon as possible by letting him know how you feel and telling him it is stressing you out. Just think if 4 years go by and it’s the same story. Change the story. He needs to be fair to you. Let him know how you feel. If he cannot be fair, you will really get to your wits end. Good luck.

  25. Gosh, I wish my ex would come back to me but I think I have little hope of that happening :( What happens if you do something wrong – like look at their phone messages :( – – I guess then you have to just move forward and realise that it’s over. I keep waiting and hoping that he will return – he said he might – but I think I just need to wake up and realise that I messed up and that he wont be back :( It’s so painful and so incredibly difficult to move :( We all make mistakes though :(

  26. I need a guys point of view. Idk what to do I’m really tired of being lonely I know I’m only 20 and alot of people say I’m young I have all the time to find someone. Me and my ex were together for about a year and a half but we actually knew each other throughout our childhood because I use to be close friends with his sisters. The first few months was pure happyness until we started getting closer to each other than we started fighting because I was his first and he has never been with any girls except me but I had been with a few guys before him and he would always fight with me about my past and one day I got so tired of fighting I moved out and back home. I tried to fix things after and he was willing to fix things to but after a week and a half he started acting weird so me and my sister went to spy on him at his work and I seen him and another girl get into his car we sped over there and got out but he locked his doors and looked at me as if he didn’t know ne why would he do something like that? He would keep telling me lies saying he wants to take time with me and slowly work on our relationship but he was seeing this other girl that he worked with. It was 2 weeks after me and him literally broke up that he made it official with her but kept lieing to me saying he doesn’t have a girlfriend when he did. And he would keep telling me he wanted things fixed but kept coming around Because he wanted sex bUT I wouldn’t give it to him than when I finally confronted the girl I had seen with him at his work she ended up telling me they were together and he was playing me. Does that mean he didn’t love me ever? Will he ever come back?

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  28. They always come back trust me!! Ive got one at mo after me who broke my heart few years ago he kept tryimg every few months i did get back with him and i dumped him….hes still trying a year later….they only want what they cant have…when you have in your mind moved on….thats when they return look at prince william and his bride they split for months now a happy ending

  29. Me and my boyfriend been together a year and a half. He broke up with me 6 days ago, as we have both started university courses and we are both stressed and felt a lot of pressure. He came to see me last Sunday and said that he loves me and doesn’t want to break up. But needs to do it for him and he become unhappy with all of the pressure and stress. The day before we broke up I asked him do you want to break up? as I knew he wasn’t happy and he said no I don’t! !! But the next day he changed his mind.
    I have been very stressed with university moving in and my course is very intense. So I have been very stressed and needy as I spoke to him a lot about my problems. When we broke up he was hugging me so tight and stroking my hair and crying his eyes out saying he doesn’t want to break up but needs to for him. I asked is there any chance in the future and he said he doesn’t no and can’t promise me anything.

    He said he loves me and will always love me but we have to try the break up. I am making changes on my life now such as seeing a therapist and spending more time with friends. I said we shouldn’t speak for a couple weeks and he agreed I then said we can talk after that and he said yes okay. Do you think there is any chance for us?
    His problem is that he doesn’t tell me when something is bothering him and has left the issue we are in now to become worse and I think he has overwhelmed himself. We get on so well and have never broken up before talked about being together forever and the future. What do I do? I not spoke to him for a week and he not contacted me do you think he doesn’t want to contact me?

    I have written a letter which I am going to send at the end of the week as we said to give it 2 weeks. I am sending it in the post as I don’t want to crowd him and want him to make up his own mind on what he thinks to my letter. It isn’t begging for him back just explaining that I understand why he has done it and that I am changing things already
    Anyone give me any advice?

  30. Hi, I really enjoyed the article. I am seeing very good advice. I don’t usually do this but I think I can give it a try and open up a little bit. My boyfriend and I broke up a month ago because of fighting and focusing too much on each other. After a few weeks of the break-up he wrote me a message at 5 am after a party. Saying that he was sorry things didn’t work out as he would have wanted, that he loves me and that I will always be the girl on his mind and that he will always care about me. That he misses me a lot and that he just wanted to take this stuff that is killing him out of his chest and that this message was the last thing he would write to me… So I answered (with my tongue outside like a puppy) Hey, why should it be the last thing? Why all this suffering? Do you want to see me ? He replied and we saw each other that day. He is the kind of guy that says wathever comes to his mind without filter and when we were about to make love and were all cozy and mellow and intense he said this; all nervious: Hey, paula I hope that if you do this with another guy use a condom. It was so stupid that my mood was off, I cried we talked all night no sleep about everything. after few hours later we did it anyway. The thing is we continue going out without any commitment and it felt good somehow. We had the best weekend on the beach in a nice house; we surfed, we laugh and then few days later I went to his house; we were talking about stuff I was in his arms we were staring at each other and he asked if I flirted with guys and I said : yes, but nothing happened when you are hooked with someone you don’t go looking for others.. and he said yes but that needs to start changing. So that was it for me. I started putting my clothes on and he said heey come.. I didn’t…He went into the shower I left. He called me a bunch of times tried to explain but I didn’t listen. Then he wrote me on fb This; I didn’t mean that things need to change now or that I want to forget you now but little by little. It was the stupidest thing I ever heard. I know he is for sure a dummas. But I know how he is. He called again tried to fix things saying he didn’t want to forget me at all that he didn’t think before speaking but It was too much for me. I said good bye.

    Now we haven’t spoke in a week.

    I don’t know what to do.

    1. Hi Paula –
      Hope you are having a good weekend.
      It sounds like you like this guy a lot and he seems to like you. But he keeps repeating the message that little by little he wants the relationship to be open to other people. What are your ages? Are you both very young? Have either of you or both of you had a lot of experience with other relationships?
      If not, maybe he wants to make sure he has not made a mistake before he commits as he does not have that much experience. If you are focused in and he is not, that is what you need to clear up. Otherwise it will be the roller coaster you describe, which is not very pleasant. I would try to get clarity from him on this.
      If he is grown with lots of experience and you are younger, maybe he feels like it is not a right match but he loves you anyway and finds it hard to break it off.
      If you are both grown, try and talk it over. Let him know what you want and see if he is on the same page. Eight months is a lot of time. If he says he wants to “play the field”, don’t put yourself on the shelf waiting for him. He ought to be able to figure out after 8 months whether or not to be exclusive if he is a grown man.
      I have had this type of “mixed message” relationship before. It drove me crazy! I always did my best to try and see what was really happening. If you really love the guy and he says “little by little” we we get further apart, ask him exactly what he means by that. If he just needs some space, that’s one thing. If he really intends to cut you lose, that’s another.
      I would try my best to clarify things with him. And 8 months is not eternity. If he simply can’t get it together, imagine how it would be if you both kept this up for 2 more years.
      Really, try to get clarity from him. It sounds like he is running hot and cold. That would drive me crazy. Don’t let that happen. Don’t let him make you go crazy. Is he seeing someone else? Why does he ask if you use a condom with other men. Ask him if he uses a condom with other women. See how he reacts to that. It may provide some answers. Look at his expression as well as what he says. If he is seeing someone else, then you will have more clarity on what you would like to do as well.
      I wish you good luck. It is not a good feeling to spend a fun weekend with a guy you’ve been seeing for 8 months and then he doesn’t call all week long.
      Maybe he feels he is off the hook because of what he has said so far.
      Don’t torture yourself waiting to see what he will do next. Try and put the prices together and find out what his intentions are. If he’s only in halfway, I suggest you do not put all your eggs in that basket. It doesn’t mean you jump in bed with the next guy. Just keep an open mind about meeting someone else and don’t throw all your energy at the guy who can’t make up his mind.

      A friend:)

      1. Hi Friend :)!
        Well, he is 24 and I am 27. There may have been a lil misunderstanding with time. We’ve been together for 1 year and a half and we broke up only 1 month ago. He spoke to me on facebook 3 days ago asking me clasic stuff like how you’ve been and telling me what he been up to… all good, I didn’t feel like complaining about what happened. I am not in the mood of figthing or being angry anymore because of his stupid choice of words. so i responded like nothing not super excited just like a friend. I even said to cut down the conversation short good luck on your work ppt before getting disconected. Then he sent me a kind of cool picture …I sent him a song I like (not the romantic type). And yesterday chatting on fb again … he said that he would really like to see me,.. that he wants to go to the beach and he asked me to go with him. (He knew I was going anyway because I posted the event where I was supposed to perform.) I told him he was crazy and laughed. And I said I will probably see you around and if that happens I will give you a bear hug.. wich he completely misunderstood and said awesome I will hug you and kiss you all the way, precious and 10 happy faces …so I didn’t responded to that. I heard he went to the concert pretty early but I was not there he left. The thing is that I posted really cool pictures of my 5 year old daughter (he is not the father) learning how to skate with a friend we have in common , who was actually my guitarman for that night. And he suddenly asked Are you dating him?….. answer me ??? I am shocked. I mean the messages are still there like “unread” I know they say that because I was glancing my messages window when he wrote, but I didn’t open it. I am starting to see him as a child and I am starting to get really dissapointed. I know he have had a bad experience with his previous relationship but come on what is he doing? I have asked him for clarity before in this month. He said That he didn’t want a serious relatioship at the moment he want to focus on his carrier but he doesnt want to stop seing me. nicee

        1. Well, you got it Paula. He wants to see you, no strings attached. That’s the answer.
          I can understand that a young man would not want to commit to a woman with a young child that is not his own.
          He has told you what he wants Paula. It is very clear that he is jealous of other guys. Do you want to play a game? He has already let you know he wants to focus in his career. He has no kids, he is young. He is not ready for commitment to you and he has told you so.
          You go to the show, then leave. Then you send him photos with you, your child and another man. What would you do if someone did that to you? Be real with the guy if you expect him to be real with you.
          It sounds like you want him. He likes you too, but he is not ready for what you want. You say he has not given you clarity. It seems he is clear that he is not ready to commit. That’s an answer. If you need that answer, he’s given it to you.
          If you want to hang in or try to twist his arm by sending photos of you with another guy, both of you are acting in a very immature fashion.
          I have to say, it seems like neither of you are ready to launch the relationship to the next level. He is telling you. You are trying to sway him.
          You can play that game if you like. It is a game, not what makes relationships really work. You asked for an answer. Respect that he gave you an answer. It seems he likes you very much but he is not ready to make it exclusive and permanent.
          I suggest you respect the answer if you want peace. He has given you an answer that you don’t like, but it’s honest.
          See him if you both like, but do not expect any change. I strongly suggest that you accept his best effort to explain his feelings. I would really not torture yourself over this. He is young and has no kids. He is trying to bow out. He is not ready for a commitment.
          You are wondering what is going on. My opinion is that is what is happening. Hate to tell you Paula, but I think the guy is doing you a favor by not wasting any more of your time. Don’t waste your time or his with unreasonable ideas of what ought to happen. You have to accept it. Be happy that he has at least tried to express himself. It may not be as clear as you think it could be, but I believe it is a clear enough expression of where he is really at.
          Respect yourself, respect what the two of you have had. Hold your head up. Sounds like he is not ready for a serious commitment with you. I am sure your child is lovely and lovable. A very young man has enough trouble committing to any woman. It is likely that he does not want to be involved with someone with a child. He may not have seen this at first. Perhaps he is discovering that now. He has answered your question.
          And why be involved in such a confusing situation. Can you think of your child as well? Does she need this much drama? Why take pictures of you and the child and send them to him? Very poor form. Not good to use your child as a bargaining chip with a man who is not her father. Keep your child out if it.

          1. I think there has been another misunderstanding the pics I posted, I didn-t send that to him. I posted them on fb. on my wall. There were not for him AT ALL and the dude is a friend of mine I know for years who I would never date. Yea he gave me an answer a month ago you are right. Thanks for the advice.

  31. Hi Paula –
    So he’s looking at your Facebook page. That’s not the same as seeing you in person and having a relationship with you. I think you got the picture. He likes you a lot, but he does not want an exclusive commitment. Do you want a FB relationships or a real one? I guess you want a real one, right?
    Good luck to you. You are young and I am sure you will find what you are looking for.

  32. Hey everyone. I haye see in everyone’s suffering in the world however it has been very educational. My man of 8years left me while i was at the store. He never came back and its bad to assume but im assuming he cheated that night because he stayed gone for 30 days now and has admitted now to having a gf. Its the crazies thing when i was just the female in his life and now when i try to talk it out for closure (which you never get) its like im now the other woman. After 30 days even after the first day i just new. Anyways he is living with her and ignores me now . Everything u can imagine we have done tpgether experienced together and all the ups and downs also. I dont know how a man or even a female falls out of love enough to think living with a stranger is better or greener grass or less snow lol theres snow outside. Its a week before christmas trying to get through this but im not in the mood plus im pregnant and hes like see u in court. Um ya u will most def see me in court but he is so cold its like making me sick. He acts as if i was a monster and his new girl and new life is ohhh so much better i feel like im at the angry stage but past denial which is better but i wanna yell and like throw a cup at the wall but whats the point there isnt one it doesnt bring happiness to harbour anger it only makes u burn while the other person is moving along. Did i mention he took nothing not a thing nothing. Calls me a few times asking for like something pointless and then never would show up to get it so. Its crazy his passport his bank cards he took nothing which is why i assumed he didn’t plan on leaving but cheated and then stayed gone . Wow when i type it it sounds even crazier but thats my story. After 8years my first christmas alone my first everythingeverythingaone actually i still forget and pour two coffee s in the morning its sad but im a wonderful per son and i dont deserve this nobody does. Im not rushing into a new relationship like he did r u kidding me i dont need some one else’s crap right now im gonna live for me and my kids its just so crazy ive been reading when im at home and feel alone it makes me so tired from all the stress that i just fall asleep again really sad but know your worth people even if the guy comes back which i think i want my heart wants my head knows omg no hes with someone else doing what we used to with a stranger he abandoned me and didn’t care he is happy with another so even if he came back i would yell at him everyday because there would be zero trust if a man does it once he knows how to do it again but with less guilt and emotion so dont except less than you deserve!

  33. Also with no contact on your first try you are gonna break it i did tons of times but just prepare yourself to feel even worse because even if your the nicest person in the world it will kill you to hear the laughter and happiness in his voice and his emotions will be shut off for you which usually means he has met and is happy in the early stages with somebody else its really hard for me to not calk or text even when i know now what i know because we werr connected for 8years together always except when we went to work so its very hard. Its almost like a dream that u cant believe for a bit but it feels like a death because even tho there still alive u cant and u kno u cant ever be wih them again or have what u had before. I would say what is helping me is family not friends mine dont quite understand we are at different stages in life i guess but family and laughs and reading or getting into a good movie a comedy makes me feel okay when im home and trying to put everything in the back of my mind. Changing your environment around too helps i changed my hairstyle got that fresh feeling . Anyways i hope everybody is healing or on there way to healing. Stay strong everyone!

  34. Hi I badly needed help my boyfriend of 7 years broke up with me 2 months ago. We are living in the same town. Sometimes we can see each other if he passed by in the same place that he knows that I always stay. He is showing mixed signals like he is always drunk, he goes home late and He is showing deaperate figures (our common friend told me) on our first week of break up he told me that we were cool off he hust needed some space. I dont know why it takes too long for him to decide. Recently Ive heard that he talked to my cousin and asked about me if im going out with friends. Few weeks back We talked through phone he told me to move on because he has already moved on and he is seeing another girl ( I’m thinking that he is just making me jealous) He had also met my parents at the bar and talked to them like nothing had happed to us.. Few days ago We are at the park Im with my friends I saw him alone drinking beer my friends told me he stare at me and some glances. Im thinking that he is using our common friend to spy on me at the beginingg this friend of ours always texting him if where I am if im at home because we are neighbors( this friend is a guy).. I cant contact my ex anymore he changed #..Im confused please help

    1. Hi –
      Seven years is a long time to spend with someone and them break up. I wonder why that happened? You should ask yourself WHY the relationship split up – try to figure they out so you can get some clarity. Are you both very young? Does he have a job? Does he drink a lot? Was he seeing other girls? Did he just not have the maturity to get married?
      I read what you wrote. He is driving you crazy right now. What woman wants a man who is driving her crazy? His friends ask about you, but you have no way to contact him. That’s not really fair or very grown up.
      It may be that he is trying to decide. Like I said WHY did you split up in the first place?
      I really do not have any better advice than that. I had an ex who left me suddenly and would never speak to me again. I kept hoping he would change his mind but he never did. He simply would not speak to me. I reviewed all the things that happened during the relationship and as much as I hated to admit it, there were some things going on that were really not right. I couldn’t change certain things he was doing. He never changed them either. Then he left. I was heartbroken and he would never speak to me again after 4 years. I am a little older and we were good friends (or so I thought).
      You also mention that you saw his parents on the bar. If you have a friendly relationship with them, maybe they can give you a clue as to what’s going on in his life so you can put it to rest and move along. As I said, 7 years is a long time to just walk away with no answer.
      I wish you luck. You will get your answer.

  35. Okay, so I was in a relationship for a few months, I was madly in love with him. Absolutely crazy about him. Then one day without saying anything he left. It was really hard, but after a year I met a new guy he was different made me feel wanted. But then the other guy came back after 2 years. My feelings are everywhere. I love both of them but I think I rushed into the second one too fast. I just don’t know how to feel.

    1. You say guy number 2 makes you fell wanted. Does guy number 1 make you feel wanted in the same way? It is wonderful to love someone. But they must love you in return or they will leave you again. See if guy number 1 will put a ring on it. If not / stick with guy number 2. Guy number 1 needs to explain why he left and make a promise. Otherwise he will do the same thing again. Don’t let him drag you down. If he is sincere, gives you a real explanation and the FOLLOWS THROUGH, okay. Seems like he must make up his mind or he will repeat the same routine. Guy number 2 is steady and straight ahead. That is best for YOU. Who wants a guy who can’t make up his mind? Give number one a change but ONLY if he shows you he is serious – in every way – not just by the words he says, but by the things he does and the sense of security he makes you feel. Guy number 2 is ahead in that department. Don’t get rid of him. He sounds like a keeper. Let guy number 1 have a chance – but dump him immediately if he is not making you feel secure.
      Love is a strange thing, but being around a man you love who makes you feel insecure is BAD NEWS. Let that inform your decision.
      Good luck:)

    2. I had similar experience. I had 1,5 years long relationship with ex man I loved much. Last months with him was bad, but I hoped it is temporary. That was just beginning of the end. He left me without telling anything, Just completely blocked me out of his life 3 days after telling he would like to marry me. I spent months confused and heartbroken. Tried to contact him and ask what happened and got to know he doesn’t want me anymore. All that with rude attitude towards me for no reason…
      Months later I met new guy. Few days in relationship with him and ex come back to me full of ‘love’ and asked me back. As he already left me 2 times and didn’t care about me for so many months I rejected him. I knew after so much failing it won’t work with him, also I had feelings for this new guy, he was better man in all ways. I didn’t want to hurt ex and offered him friendship. This was my mistake. Somehow he found way to contact my man and lied to him about me. Ex told him that I love him and want to be with him and showed ”proof’ which I guess was our old messages or something made up. This made him break up with me. After done his dirty job my ex abandoned me again. I guess he get to know from some mutual friend that I was moved on and was happy with my new man so he wanted to destroy it and make me miserable again, just like him, and sadly he succeed. I was heartbroken again. My man come back to me later after months but I couldn’t forgive him how he believed my ex over me and didn’t even tell me or ask me before breakup. Yes, men returns like boomerangs. Is that good thing? In my case it was disaster. Take guy number 2 because guy number 1 might be poisonous snake like my ex was. He left you once, might do it more and more if you let him.

      1. I am sorry to hear this story. Any man who listens to another man’s story about you does not have any faith in you. I have been in the position where a poisonous outsider influences my boyfriend against me.

        I have to ask – why does the guy believe some other GUY and not even ask ME, the woman he has been having an intimate relationship with? This is very bad. I would confront your boyfriend and ask him why he does not believe you. Then you have a chance to clarify things and throw the jealous poisonous ex out if the picture.

        The ex is only interested in screwing things up for you and your present guy. That means he cares neither for what is best for you OR THE OTHER GUY!!!!!

        Try to make your man see that the ex is just a trouble maker.’if your man can not see this, the 2 of them are really jerks.

        Don’t let your ex mess up your new revelation ship without questioning your current man. Confront the ex and tell him butt out. Ask your current man why he believes your ex over you.

        It is likely the ex is so mean he is trying to keep you from being happy with your new man.

        Try to point this out to the new man. If he doesn’t get it, he has no b***s and is just a jerky twerp who is too immature to make his own decisions about his own girl.

        Fight as hard as you can to keep your new man FAR AWAY from your ex. If he decides to believe your ex over you, the ex is a real dirtbag and the new guy does not have the sense to see that he is being manipulated by your ex.

        This is definitely a tough position to be in.

        I have been there, if the guy is too stupid to think for himself, it is very heartbreaking. Try to get as much clarity as possible. It may be that the new guy just needs some encouragement from you.

        If that does not work, then the new guy is just as much of a jerk as the ex.

        Try your best for your own sake to be honest and clear. If the guy is not responsive, he is definitely not in your corner and is half a man.

        You deserve a guy who has got your back. Not one who listens to every stupid thing other people say.

        Go for it and good luck.

  36. I had a boyfriend, everything was going strong, there was so much love till suddenly it hit his mind that he is looking for someone “little different” …… What was that? If that is so what was he doing with me all these time?

  37. I had a boyfriend he was with my friend cadence and then they broke up and he started to tell me that he likes everything about me n stuff we talked to each other get to know each other n stuff and 2 years ago he said that he wants to be in a relationship with me and I wanted the same but cadence was really hurt about the fact that I am with her x 3 years after which was on February 14th 2015 he broke up with me for some girl who he met thru his cousin and after then I never forget about that day.

  38. I have been split up with my ex boyfriend for some time now but I still think about him. We ended mutually because I had to move away for a year and when I was away we still messaged and we knew we missed each other etc. I saw him when I came home for christmas and we spent time together and we were intimate with each other, we spent new years together and he told me he still loved me at midnight, it was all very romantic. However I had to return back to where I was living. We kept talking for much of the year but suddenly he said we shouldnt do this anymore – I think because he was hurting too. I figured I would be home in a few months but I didnt think I’d see him again. When I came home I met him and he brought up old memories and even mentioned his parents asking if we were getting back together. He told me he had been seeing a girl briefly but it was nothing serious and he wasnt ready for another relationship – and how ours was such a good one. But he didnt want to be in a relationship. We saw each other and talked with each other a few times and each time we saw each other it was like nothing changed, I recently found out he quit his job and moved away and although I havent been talking to him for some time after I asked if he was ok and ifeverything was alright. I was asking as a friend and he asked me to leave him alone and to “accept his decision and leave him be”. I was very hurt by it because there was no hard feelings between us – even after we casually hooked up a few times after we were broken up. I havent seen him in about 3-4 months and I know he only recently moved. I miss still talking to him and think about him a lot. while I know I would be in a relationship with him again he hasnt expressed any desire to. Yet when I talk to him he tells me its comforting to hear my voice and we still share the same chemistry we always had. do you think we could get back together? Apologies for the long post I’m just so very confused!!

    1. Anything is possible I know what you going through I decided to put me first. Once you stop putting energy in him. He will start putting energy in you. I don’t believe in the love spell doctors, but I believe in God. If you put God first an believe that he will restore it. If you met someone else then maybe that’s your que to go. Don’t be scare to move on because you feel misery make you think about him. You are scared because once you stop being miserable an happy you want think of him. You have actually moved on but they always come back but would you want him.

  39. There is a lot i have to say but i really don’t know were to start from. I guess i will have to build my story, that is life story form the begin but will try has much to make it short. I fell in love with my boyfriend Daxson about three years ago and since then we have being living together. We are not married or engaged because like he said he wanted to finish his med school and all that. I was not even bothered because we were in love and as long as there is love who really need marriage and somehow even with all the stress he was going through, he finds the time to make me feel loved always. He is literally the definition caring. But here is the twister i never knew or rather he never told me he was scared for being a father at least we never talk about it because it never crossed our mind and we always i mean always played it safe. I was on my pills and he always used protection. Like they say, i guess when its time its time like, i got pregnant. Looking at it then i will say, that was my greatest mistake in life only now i see a baby is really a blessing. Ok let me go back on track. When i told him about it, i couldn’t say he was happy or sad but he had an expression on his face like “de f*** i ve got med school and now this ?” but he assured me, it was fine and he was happy and we are going to do it together as a family and i wished all that where true. On my third trimester, he said to my face he was not ready to be a father and was not going to do it with me anymore and that he doesn’t think he is gonna be a good father. We all know its hard to believe soon we all gonna be parents but for real, it comes when we are not even prepared for it and all we can do then is accept it as it comes. I tried to make him see what he was doing to me and his baby i mean i loved him so much and i was the happiest woman alive to be carrying his child i just wished he was too. He was not even there to see his girl when she was born he just left me and our baby. I could not understand why i was just too heart broken knowing that he has been the only one in my life for three years and now he just left me with some silly excuse i could not understand. I literally became a single mom for four months before Metodo Acamu a witch doctor helped me get back the man i love. Its not like i couldn’t do it all alone i mean take care of my baby girl its just that i loved him so much that i could not leave without him and all i could think of was him. Even with all that happened i could not bring myself to hate him i was only heart broken and wished i could get him back. When i contact Motodo Acamu ,he asked me to get some materials of which he was going to use to prepare a spell that was coming to reunite me, Daxson and April my baby girl. I sent him the money for the materials because it was less stressful and he made me see he was an honest and truthful witch doctor. He helped me a lot, he sent a package to me which i paid for . He told me to burning the content of package with the incense he sent along with the content of the package and in seven days Daxson will be my one and only again. Just as Metodo Acamu said it happened. I can say i was surprise because i have never done this kind of thing before and i was not so sure how it will play out. Though i made Daxson beg, i had to let him into my life and that of April again because that was all i ever wanted. And the spell is totally safe like Metodo Acamu told me and the love is real because the spell only made him see how much i mean to him and how much his life revolves around April and i . Everyone has his or her own opinion about the witch doctor Metodo Acamu but for me he is the reason my family is complete and happy if you want to Contact him use this email
    metodoacamufortressx@ yah oo. com note please use the normal email format where all words and character are joined together

  40. My name is Shina Spiffs i want you all to join me to thank the great man that help me to restore my Married with my husband who dump me for another Girl for 3 months because the Girl had money, at first i never believed Prophet Osa will be able to help me win Nelson back from this other Girl but because i still love him and i need him back in my life, i worked and follow his instruction and it surprise me that after working with him, Nelson called me and ask me to forgive and forget the past that he still love me and that was how my husband came back for good. So with this great work done for me by Prophet Osa of whom i promise to always share his good work to the whole wide world and if any body is out there passing through any relationship difficulties should kindly contact him.

  41. Sometimes i ask myself, what really make those who claim to love you stay ? Is it the feel of protection, or the feeling that their money is enough to make someone endure their presence until it all blows away or the feeling of love, or is it all these wrapped in one big gift bag? I never got to know the answer to my question and i may never get the answer. You see, i had money or rather i can say i had enough to care for my ex wife now and my two kids and heaven know i gave my wife then all the love she needed from me in every way i can imagine or possibly give love. I gave my family protection, love and everything one can ever ask for in one big gift bag. Now speaking of my ex wife, i did the impossible to see she was happy all the time because i loved her so much that seeing her happy really makes me happy. But it seems to my ex wife money and the good life was everything and love, was nothing but an illusion. Some how in a way one thing leading to another i lost my job at J.P Morgan as an accountant and just like that my beautiful world of colors as i knew it, came down crashing on me. Being not in my youth and vibrant age it was so impossible to get a new job. No one wanted to heir someone like me i mean if it were me, i sure as he** wouldn’t heir me. They all needed a fresh young and updated version of me. After six months my bills started pilling up i was so late on my mortgage and every hard thing that happens when someone losses his job just as a finger snap was happening to me. My wife being my wife saw this and thought there was no way out and then she felt me filed for a divorce and wanted to take all i had left. The one thing that kept me from breaking just as i watched my life come to end. She wanted to take my girls from me and have them rised by her lover. This will be a very long tale if i start on how she got herself a new man off course with money and managed to make him fall for her just as i did so i will just skip that part. The fight for custody went on and i was going to loss in all ways because i had just lost my job and house was gone and i was diagnosed to be emotionally unstable. By some cosmic accident that i don’t even believe in, i found a witch doctor named Mutton Osun on the internet who out of desperation i contacted for help and somehow placed all my hope on and heave bless him, he lived up to his words. I poured on him my sorrows,I told him how i lost my job ,my wife and how i was about to lose my girls and he listened and comforted me via telephone. Speaking to Mutton Osun healed my heart and gave me hope again. Mutton Osun is a rear gem that can not be easily found. I wanted him to help me get back my job and win my girls custody battle. He asked me to get some materials which was going to be used to get a spell done to grant my request. I gave him the money to get the materials for me because it saved me a lot of expenses. After four day he sent me a package asking that i follow the instruction he left along with the package. I did all he asked of me and like a miracle i was called back to my job at J .P Morgan with them saying i have been given a second chance after six month? and just after the spell? it only explained on thing that the spell is at work and i won the custody case of my girls just as i asked. I should have asked for my wife back but no she caused me so much pain and every bit of love for her ,was dead. You reading should not just believe me. Contact Mutton Osun let him help you and your problem them you will believe all this is as real as it gets. Use this as contact godsofosunx @ roc ket mail. com
    note: roc ket mail. com is joined together like every other email format….

    1. I guess this is an advertisement for for Mutton Osun.

      It is impossible to believe that JP Morgan would ever hire you, I man who cannot spell or write correctly, in the first place.

      Does the moderator ever read these bogus comments?

      1. I mean a man who cannot spell or write properly. Typographical error – which of course you would no nothing about.

  42. My boyfriend broke up with me a week ago because he was upset for some things I said and hurt him. Also that he needed time to find himself. He said he loves me and misses me bit thinks is what’s best. He broke once and said he wanted to see me and talked. The next day said that I eas better if e went our own ways and not saw each other. I want to know if he’ll come back? We ended in good terms and he knows I love him. And I k LW he loves me too. He moved to the bay, got a new job and said he wants to start fresh. Will he realize he wants me back or miss me enough to come back? It was out of the blue after an argument and our relationship wasn’t bad. Please help

  43. My husband had taken up with another woman. I knew she had cast a spell on him, and he was helpless to do anything about it.He would call me once or twice a week and tell me he still loved me, but that would be it and he wouldn’t do anything about it.So I was desperate and called upon you to help me.d.rrivers I had never done anything like this in my life, and I was so embarrassed I didn’t tell anyone – not even my closest friend — that I had a spell cast in my behalf.After the spell was cast, I thought his attitude was softening. He started to talk negative about her, and I was starting to feel a strength welling up in me. So instead of begging him to come back I was more calm, even aloof. And this change in my attitude was definitely having an effect on him.I was kind of turning the tables on him, saying I was getting used to living without him. I could tell by his tone of voice he didn’t want to hear that.After a while, he admitted he had made a mistake and asked if he could come back home.thank you d,rrivers for freeing him from that hex and making him come to his senses. Our family is intact again and I will be forever grateful.

    Elizabeth Sestora
    Webster, NY

  44. well I meant this guy a club and I sleep with him that night, then later …… im skip sum but I ask another female wat she think about him if he was gone ever come back for me to be his girlfriend.. because he claims oh I was drunk I was desperate …… then I ask a girl he worked with wat she think about the situation…. so she talked to me just wait…. so now few days later I check my facebook messages and I seen he got mad and sad if I come over his house hell have me arrested and how I wrote sumbody asking bout him… but I felt like it was no harm……

  45. Hi,
    I would like to tell you my story.
    I met a boy being on holidays, we met thanks to my cousin, because he was his friend. Then I was with another boy but anyway we started texting every day , and everyday. We could not have a day without speaking, finally I fell in love. After 8 months I broke up with my boyfriend, because I known I cannot be with somebody who I really dont love. From that day, I loved only one boy. He opened his heart for me, he said me his secrets, when I went to that place on winter we met.
    On June he decided to come to visit me, then I left with him to his country for holidays. We known we could not live without each other. It was wonderful. At the begining we were really shy, he was showing his love a lot and I even felt bad sometimes that I couldnt ( in some moments) show the same. He made me a wooden heart and we started speaking about our future ( obviously together). After holidays I came back to my country, he stayed but he was visiting me every few months, he couldnt wait to see me. We were suffering a lot being in a distance relationship. Then came time when we left to his country, we started working and first serious argue, we broke up for some moment but we kept living together.
    Then he decided to come to my country and we started living together and university. Sounds like a dream. Something we really wanted.
    Lastly ( about 1 month) we were arguing quite a lot. From my fault. I was jealous, I just felt to catch some point to argue… about everything. But we had beautiful moments too… Anyway 2 weeks ago I said…- We should break up ( I just felt to say him sth he starts to worry or I really dont know what I though). Stupid me. I said something that I didnt expect consequences. And he said – Yes. Then I was shocked, I though it is for short period of time. But not. He is stubborn in his deciosions. We live together, I made us stay in diffrent rooms. He closed his door, listen music, I see him really stressed. I realise he search things to forget, not to think. Once in emotinonal moment he came to me and layed on my bed and said he has personal war. That he loves me a lot but he cannot.. That this is over. Over and over. I heard it hundreds times lastly. He avoids me. He said I will find somebody, he even said me to meet with any other. But this is not what I wanna. I want only the one person.
    He says he cares of me, that I will be always important for him…
    When I asked him- If your feelings come back, would you be back with me? He said – No. Even if I feel to be with You, I will not say you, or if I do, anyway I will not come back.
    He is stressed, I see, I hurted him. I know.
    Sometimes I try to let him in peace 2 or 3 days and then I come back to my home. He says he is better then. Lastly I sent him sushi and he wrote me that I am crazy, that he really enjoy, that it was the wonderful suprise.
    But then I came back home and no changes for better.
    Sometimes I go to him and say we will be back, we will be back… but I know it is not correct. What should I do? Let him in peace? Be best side of me, do nice things but dont talk about Us? I really regret my behavior, I know second time I would not do that. He is the most important person for me. I said words to say without thinking about consecuences.
    Sometime he comes to my room, but he makes a barrier not to be to close with me. He says he doesnt see any chance to come back. But 3 weeks ago he was making things for me… made us watch the stars, hugs… To his friends and family he said how much he loves me… and not long time ago I asked him if he though about breaking up and he said – No.
    He still keeps our fotos on fb, he keeps in relationship with me there, he didnt say to his friends/ and some relatives we broke up.
    Please, read this not written pefect way story cause there is all what I feel.
    And I really ask you for help, because I know I broke the most important for me relationship. I dont want to believe in a better future without him, I dont wanna nobody else, I just want one person. The person that I made suffer a lot.
    PS. In one month he is leaving to his country for holidays.

  46. I met the man of my life. He going through a divorce and the way his wife left him devastated him. So we start dating I allowed him to openly discuss her an what was going with them. For 6 months we were strong until I felt he was to bitter. This man knew when my cycle come on, every morning we started our day with a prayer. On my lunch we talk for the whole hour. Then we I leave work on the phone again. Brought my coffee every morning sent me beautiful texts. Always thought of what he can do to make it better. Met mom she fail in love with me and her friends. Met his child everyone telling him how good an happy he look. He always said he’s a private person I show some people our photo together. He didn’t want that he was fine if people seen us together without social media. Then in the 9th month he start comparing me to the wife an saying I talk to much. To the meat an potatoes we got in a argument because I ask him was he over his wife. Which open up a door so he wanted to break up because he said he don’t want to bring her up in our relationship which he’s in counseling now. However I called him one day and he told me not to call him any more because he want to get his self together. So I must give him what he want. Then he still want to come to my dinner. I am so hurt til I don’t know what to do. I gave a short theory of this story but we were together almost every day.

  47. Hello Everyone my Name is Melissa from United States NYC, I do hope my post gets read and hopefully helps somebody along the line. I will never forget the help the Prophet Iyare render to me in my marital life. i have been married for 4 years now and my husband and i love each other very dearly . after 3 years of our marriage my husband suddenly change he was having an affair with a lady outside,i notice it then i was praying for divine intervention the thing became more serious i told my pastor about it we prayed but nothing happen. my husband just came home one day he pick up his things and left me and the kids to his mistress outside at this time i was confuse not knowing what to do again because i have lost my husband and my marriage too. i was just checking my mails in the office when i saw someone sharing her testimony on how Prophet Iyare help her out with her marital problems so i contacted the email of Prophet Iyare i told him my problem and i was told to be calm that i have come to the right place that i should fill some information concerning my self i did after 30 minus he called me again congratulating me that my problems will be solve within 48 hours. he told me what went wrong with my husband and how it happen.that they will restored my marriage but i will make a free donation to their Iyare home anything my heart told me. to my greatest surprise my husband came to my office begging me on his knees that i should find a place in my heart to forgive him i quickly ask him up that i have forgiven him.friends your case is not too hard why don’t you give Prophet Iyare a try they work surprises because i know they will also bring back your husband. if you need his help to get any of your problems solved just Google his name ( Prophet Iyare ) and you will get all his details you can use in contacting him. God bless and reward you for the great work Prophet.

  48. :-( I try not to contact him but all I end up with is texting him.. Yeah but at last ( my last message ) is “Goodbye Forever and I’ll not contact you for the next time” . I am having my exams on head and I am not able to concentrate. I don’t want to be in relationship again but I want him to understand my reasons for testing him. All he did was right and when it’s about me, He is telling me that I betrayed him. After all he himself gave me the reason to test him. Atleast I did confess about what i did and why i did. But he is telling me, we are not each other’s type. Anyways, I am working on my NC rule.

    But, will he come back?

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