Do Ex Boyfriends Come Back?

Asking the question do ex boyfriends come back? is actually a fair question to ask. As a guy I can tell you, that the almost all ex boyfriends do come back. Usually when ex boyfriends come back they pop up at times when you least expect or they bombard you the moment you feel like you are ready to move on.

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As a female you are probably question do ex boyfriends come back? If they do come back, why do they always almost come back at the worst possible times? How come men are able to just pick up where they left off, when females don’t find this as easy?

I am going to my best to explain this to you, and even reveal to you some inside information from the guys. As a guy myself, I am able to fully clarify this for you, which may help you with some of the confusion.

Do ex boyfriends come back every time?

The truth is that not all ex boyfriends will come, however five out of the six times they will. No matter how badly the relationship ended or what the circumstances are, you can be sure of one thing and that is that he will come back to you.

If he doesn’t come back to you, the next girlfriend, he has, will be the one that he ends up marrying, otherwise he will definitely come back to you.

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Let me explain to you why boyfriends usually always end up coming back….

The guilt is getting to him

No matter how macho a guy acts on the outside, the truth is that we are all quite soft on the inside. Don’t be fooled by our hard exteriors this is just our egos talking, the truth is that most of us are big babies. If we hurt the ones that we love, we want to say sorry and make it up to them.

If he is a normal guy, at the end of the day his guilt will get the better of him sooner or later. He will start missing you and he will want to make his guilty feelings go away. The best way to stop feeling guilt would be for you to take him back or at least let him know that you still love him.

He doesn’t want you to move on

The truth is that despite what your ex boyfriend may tell you, as a guy I can assure you that he does not want you to move on. In fact the thought of you with another guy, will make him feel truly awful. Now guys don’t always admit this and most of them would rather stand on their heads but, the truth is that we all want the one that we love for ourselves. This is not always a jealous thing, but rather a human thing.

The moment that your ex thinks or feels that you are moving on or ready to move on, you can be assured that he will come running back. He may never ever admit this to you, but deep down he really doesn’t want you to be with anybody else except him.

Do Ex Boyfriends Come Back?

He knows you are a sure thing

He knows how much you love and care about him. At the end of the day he would rather be with you than try and meet someone new. Most guys don’t actually want to be alone, trust me, I know this only too well. I would much rather would go back to an ex-girlfriend as opposed to trying to find a new one.

The problem is that finding a new girlfriend takes time, energy and effort. Most guys really couldn’t be bothered to put in all the work that it takes to impress someone when you first meet; it really is lots of effort. It is so much easier to just go back to your ex who you know already loves you.

He genuinely misses you

Let me tell you a little secret, and that is that guys have feelings too. Guys can really miss an ex-girlfriend. It is not only females who are constantly reminded of their ex everywhere they go, guys have the same problem. Guys who are not over their ex girlfriend will experience the same types of feelings that girls do. A place, person or Facebook post could make him miss you.

He may actually genuinely miss you and even though things may have not worked out between the two of you, it does not mean that he doesn’t genuinely care about you and love you. If he does love you and genuinely does care about you, the chances are that he will eventually run right back to you.

You made him feel good about himself

You need to take account that you may have made him feel really good about himself. Some guys actually need someone else to constantly validate them and make them feel special. The truth is that not all females will be able to make him feel as confident about himself as you did.

The chances are high that if you genuinely loved him and supported him, then you almost certainly also made him feel good about himself. In many cases guys will try after a break up to get back the ways that you made him feel, without any success at all.

He will soon start to realize that he if he wants to feel as amazing as he did with you, then the only way to feel like that again is to have you back. When asking the question do ex boyfriends come back, if you made him special and loved, the chances are high that he will come running back to you in no time.


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