Do Guys Like To Cuddle? What Guys Really Think

Picture this: You’re on the couch watching a movie with a guy you’re seeing. The movie is about an hour in, when all of a sudden he makes a move and wraps his arms around you. Which begs the question, do guys like to cuddle? Here are a few different reasons that may surprise you.

He Genuinely Likes You

Guys like to cuddle when they like you. They’ll do this because the want to be closer to you and feel you wrapped up in their arms. If you’re ever with a guy that initiates the cuddle session, more than likely it’s because he’s got more than a kindergarten crush for you. Be flattered, go into his arms and he’ll keep you comfy.

do guys like to cuddle

He Doesn’t Care to Cuddle

(Not all guys have a positive answer to the big question- Do guys like to cuddle)

Plain and simple, some guys just don’t care for cuddling. There will be guys that won’t make a move and that are hesitant to cuddle when you make the first move. There can be a specific reason behind this, but every guy has his unique story as to why he is how he is. Here are a few possible reasons why he’s not cuddling:

1. He doesn’t like it (some guys don’t)

2. He doesn’t like you and doesn’t want to lead you on (he has a heart)

3. He feels bad because he may be talking to another girl (players can also have guilt trips)

4. He’s just tired! (men do sleep you know)

He’s Doing It For You

Even though he may not care to cuddle, he’ll still do it because he knows that it gives you comfort. In all reality he may love his space when he watches movies. He probably likes to lay down, stretch his feet out and overall just likes to be in his own comfort zone. But if you come around wanting to get close, as much as he might oppose it, he’ll still do it because it’s what you want to do. This is good because it shows that he cares enough about you to give up his own personal space. So some guys like to cuddle and others will do it because they know you appreciate it.

Cuddles After Sex: What Really Goes Through His Head

When a guy is in a relationship he may or may not cuddle with his girlfriend after sex. It really depends on their “routine,” but then again routines can change.

Now if you just hooked up with a guy and he likes to do spooning cuddling afterwards, he probably see’s more in you than just a bone. If you’re uncomfortable with it, then let it be known. Guys that like to cuddle after sex would rather be told up front that they aren’t anything more than just a hook up, instead of being led on. So if this is you, keep it real with him.

Guys that don’t like to cuddle after sex are really in it just for the sex or they’re just soo tired that they want to go to sleep. In other cases, a guy feels obligated to cuddle after sex because he doesn’t want seem like a jerk that “hit it and quit it.” He’ll comfort you a little bit because he thinks it’s what you want.

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