First Date Rules: 7 Things You Should Avoid Talking About On Your First Date

The first date for men is like the holy grail of dates – especially if it’s with a beautiful lady. It’s almost as if chivalry comes back from the dead again.

Doors will be opened, dates will be paid for, and manners will be in place so long as the woman on the other side of the table – presumably you – is worth it. If not, then disregard everything you’ve read so far.

But should your man be a quality candidate on your first date, and you want to keep him happy and keep him around, be sure to avoid these 7 topics on your first date. The last thing you want to do is scare the dude away. Here are some first date rules that will surely make your first date experience more pleasant.

1. Religion. Unless you met your man on Christian Mingle, the last thing you want to start talking about is religious views. While it might be okay to dabble a bit, remember why you’re on the date in the first place. You want to get to know this dude for him. While some men may be more open to their religious beliefs and would be more than happy to talk about it, the first date isn’t the time or place to do it. Talk about the weather or something.

2. Politics. Politics is also a subject that should be avoided. In this generation of generation-y, I guess you could say it can be cool to talk about what rights you believe in to spark a common interest, but for the most part men are very simple and just w


ant a casual first date. Like you, guys don’t want to push the boundaries too far – yet – or embarrass themselves. Your views on judicial policies do not matter on the first date, what you’re ordering and how much it costs does. Keep it simple.

3. Your Past Relationships. Getting back out into the dating field can be nerve-wrecking, especially if you have just gotten out of a previous relationship. For example, one of my buddies was dating this chick for 2 years (she ended up being a pathological liar) but before that he was a stud in the dating field. Then all of a sudden once he had his breakup, he didn’t even know what to say to a girl. He would bring up his ex-girlfriend and girls would immediately be turned off. The same thing goes for you on your first date. Whatever happened in your past, is your past. Leave it there. Guys do not care.

4. Negative Happenings.  As the quote referring to work once said, “leave your personal life at home.” The same goes for your first date. You’re there to engage with another human being and to have an enjoyable experience. Like your past relationships, guys don’t care about the negativity going on in your life.

5. Drugs/STD’s. You’ve experimented with drugs? That’s great. You have an STD? Fantastic. Your first date has officially been polluted with the both of them. While these are both obvious first date no no’s, we thought we’d put them up here again just in case you forgot.

6. Using the Word I. Did you know that the word “I” is the most commonly used word in the English language while referencing one’s self? This just goes to show that people are more interested in what they have to say about themselves, than actually being interested in other people. So on your first date, try getting to know your date more by asking him questions. Guys will usually take the approach you’ve just learned, but flip it back on him and get to know him more. The conversation will start flowing and you’ll really get a better feel for the dude in front of you. Plus, you won’t sound soo self-centered. Winning.

7. Not Talking At All. It’s amazing at how much someone can talk over social media, be it Facebook messages, tweets, or even text messaging. Then as soon as you meet in person, they don’t say anything. If you’re the type of girl who talks more online than she does in person, you may want to reconsider even going on a first date. If you aren’t talking, the guy is walking. B-O-R-I-N-G.

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