He Only Wants To Sleep With Me

He only wants to sleep with me why doesn’t he want to date me? Can you relate to this statement? Many girls are stuck with the dilemma that their ideal guy only wants to sleep them, with but doesn’t actually want to commit to them. The unfortunate thing about this is that as a female you may have the hottest guy in your bed, but still be extremely lonely.

He only wants to sleep with me not date me what should I do?

If you are in the situation where you feel and know “he only wants to sleep me with me” and he doesn’t want to date you, then you may need to start making some changes. As a guy I am here to you the truth, and I need to apologize in advance because you may not like it.

The golden rule with guys

The harsh reality of the situation is that if a guy only wants to have a no strings attached fling with you, then he really isn’t the guy for you. No matter what way I look at it, someone is going to end up getting badly hurt.

Girls and guys are different

You need to remember that girls and guys are different. Although there are many great guys who would really love to date you, the truth is that if guys can get what they want from you without having to commit they will happily do this. A guy who only wants to sleep with you, is probably more than likely extremely immature and not worth any of your time or energy.

While girls get emotionally attached quite quickly especially when they sleep with a guy, a guy can be with a girl and just see it as a physical thing. Regardless of how much you may think you like a guy, the right guy will not expect you to do anything with him without the chances of a proper relationship.

He only wants to sleep with meHe is not the right guy for you

No matter how attractive you may find and no matter how sweet he may appear to be, the truth is that you are wasting your time. I can promise you that a decent guy would never want to use you or take advantage of you in any way shape or form. If this guy knows how you feel about it and he is still not willing to commit then I honestly think you should cut off all ties with him. I know that this may be very harsh but someone who views you as an object is not worth your time. Your energies will be best spent somewhere else

Don’t settle because you are lonely

I know for a fact that many girls will settle because they are lonely. I have enough female’s friends to know exactly how this works. As a guy I am here to encourage you to remain true to who you are. Rather wait for the right guy to come along instead of selling yourself short. You never have to settle just because you feel lonely. Any guy who only wants to sleep with you is not good enough for you.

I am giving you the exact same advice I would give my sister or female best friend. Instead of even attempting to try to make this guy give you more, rather cut him off completely and start getting to know other people. You really don’t need to be lonely; you could always join a dating site or a dating app and go on proper dates with guys. Getting to know different guys may help you to realize your true value and worth.

Your dream guy is out there

Your dream guy is out there waiting for you. If you keep wasting your time on a guy that is not right for you, you may miss out on the opportunity of meeting the most amazing guy of your dreams. It is strange how the universe works but in many cases once you let go of something old, something new usually comes along.

Even if you remain single for a long time and just enjoy your time with your friends, this would actually be a better option than allowing some guy to keep taking from you, without you even getting a proper relationship out of it. You deserve a proper commitment and you deserve to be with someone who is going to take your hand in a shopping mall and be proud to be with you. Hopefully you can move and the phrase “he only wants to sleep with me” will never have to be spoken about again.

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