Top 10: How to Be a Good Girlfriend Starting Today

You’ve got yourself a keeper of a boyfriend. Here are 10 things you can do (or stop doing) to be a good girlfriend starting today.

1. Love Yourself First

Learning how to be a good girlfriend starts with loving yourself. Have a sense of self-worth and know what you bring to the table in your relationship. If you don’t love yourself, you’ll end up being one of those girls who always asks their boyfriend the obvious questions. “Do you think I’m pretty” and “what do you like about me?” He’ll sense your insecurity and won’t like it. If you psychologically can’t be good to yourself then how are you going to be a good girlfriend to your boyfriend? Overall, loving yourself is just plain better for your relationship. You’ll have more confidence in yourself and your man will have more confidence in you.



2. Communication is Key

If you really want to be a good girlfriend you need to be a good communicator. This means being open about your feelings and thoughts about your relationship. The more you communicate your expectations the more he’ll be aware of them. And a man that’s aware of his girlfriend’s expectations is more likely to focus on the things that make her happy. Your boyfriend aims to please, but only when you communicate exactly what you want. If you keep beating around the bush, you’ll feel unsatisfied because he isn’t meeting your expectations and he’ll feel lost because he has no idea what you want anymore. Be straight forward, communicate and reap the benefits of being a good girlfriend.

3. Find Balance

It’s good that you want to spend time with your boyfriend, but he still has a need to hang out with his friends. Balance between your girlfriends and your boyfriend is something you’ll need to find in order to have a healthy relationship. If you’re always around, you’ll seem really needy and he’ll want to get away from you. Being your boyfriend will become a chore to him instead of a privilege. So respect his time away and don’t call or text him when he’s hanging out with his friends, that’s his time.

4. Don’t Be So Serious

Serious talks will happen but you can’t be so serious all of the time. Your boyfriend wants to have a fun relationship where the majority of your time spent together is exciting and adventurous. He won’t like the idea that you’re always wanting to talk about some in depth idea or feeling. As long as you’re genuinely making the effort to have more fun, he’ll love being around you.

5. Compliment His Qualities

Your boyfriend would rather be complimented on his qualities rather than his physical attributes. If he’s got a good body, he already knows it. If he’s good looking, chances are some other girl has told him before. Acknowledging your boyfriends qualities will reinforce his belief that you like him for him. So don’t be afraid to throw him a compliment from time to time. Tell him how good he is at guitar, how he’s a great artist or how you appreciate his cooking skills. He’ll appreciate you even more for appreciating the things that make him unique.

 6. Be Positive

Your boyfriend doesn’t want to be with you if you’re always negative. He’ll start to get annoyed and the chances of him dumping you greatly increase. Have you ever noticed yourself talking about how bad school or work was, how so and so makes you upset, and how something else in general was just making you mad? These are the things guys see as negative, so if you find yourself doing this around your boyfriend. Knock it off immediately. He doesn’t want to hear about all of the things you DON’T like. He wants to hear about the things that you DO like. There’s always something positive to say about something even when it’s negative. So be a good girlfriend and look for the positive or start looking for a new boyfriend.

7. Be Interested Even If You’re Not

Being interested in what your boyfriend likes to do gets you major points. He knows that you probably aren’t interested in his hobbies, but he’ll appreciate your willingness to do what he likes to do. So if he’s skateboarding, jump on and ask him to teach you how to ride, even if you’re afraid of falling on your ass. Put yourself through (what you may find boring) something for him and not because you actually like it. Guys like a girlfriend that’s a good sport and is willing to try new things. So be a good sport about his hobbies and he’ll be a good sport about yours.

 8. Don’t Be A Drama Queen

When you’re a drama queen, you’re attracting all of the wrong attention. Guys love to show their girlfriends off when they’re proud of who they’re dating, but if you’re always causing drama, he won’t want to take you anywhere in public. He’ll be embarrassed that he’s even with you. This means having control over your emotions and learning to be the bigger person when it comes to mickey mouse confrontations. So before you go around being a mean girl, imagine what your boyfriend will think of the way you’re about to act. If he’s worth keeping, you won’t do anything foolish.

9. Be Supportive

Be the good girlfriend who is supportive every chance she gets. It’s going to give him more self-confidence and over all self-belief in himself thanks to you. This is going to build your relationship in a more positive light and he’ll want to come to you to talk about things more often. You’ll be his go to gal. Your boyfriend will like the idea that he can go to you when he’s in need of support. Always think in long term value when supporting your boyfriend. How will whatever you say to him today positively effect him tomorrow? Do this and you’ll increase the value of your relationship for the long haul.

10. Trust Him

Have trust. Trust is one of the most important factors to keeping your boyfriend happy. When he’s out with his friends, don’t text him and ask him where he’s at, where he’s going, who he’s with, etc. If you can’t trust him then you shouldn’t be with him. But letting your boyfriend know up front that you trust him will make him have better judgement about himself. He’ll be aware of his actions and will want to be trustworthy. Until he gives you a reason not to trust him, trust him one-hundred percent of the time.

Bonus Good Girlfriend Tip: Be Yourself

So what makes a good girlfriend? Ultimately there is no one thing or secret tactic that’s going to make you a good girlfriend. You can be superficial and pretend to do these things just to please him, but at the end of the day you aren’t being true to yourself or him. If this ends up being the case, the relationship will salt over and he’ll just end up using you for your ass or getting rid of you all together. So make sure you’re in the relationship for the right reasons to begin with. Genuinely do these things because you like your boyfriend and because you want to be a good girlfriend whom he can turn to for anything.

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