How To Find Mr. Right and Keep Him!

How To Find Mr. Right and Keep Him!

Do you find yourself wondering how to find Mr. Right?

Does the process seem long, laborious and lonely?

I remember having a discussion about Mr. Right with my wife.  She believed that there was one right person for everyone and they just needed to find the one which fortunately ended up being me.  I’ve always believed that Mr. or Mrs. Right really doesn’t exist but once the meeting of the two happen he becomes that right person for you as your relationship grows.

Which of us was right?

Even though we are happily married today we remain in opposite corners of the discussion as it relates to the “right” concept.  However, one thing we do agree on here is that we must do our best to be right for someone else before we will ever be able to find that right one.

How to find Mr. Right

Ideas on How to Find Mr. Right

#1: Get Out

You’re not likely to find anything if you don’t get away from your circle of influence.  Why?  Because you’ve already fished in that pond and they haven’t been found there.  You could, of course, wait for Mr. Right to come swimming into your fishing hole but the chances of that are seriously limited at best.  If, on the other hand, you go fishing in other ponds you will find yourself with a number of potential possibilities surfacing all at the same time.  Now it’s just a matter of picking the right one.

#2: Get In

Get into virtual reality with an emphasis on Facebook.  The Internet has opened many doors of opportunity that were simply impossible to unlock before.  Don’t just create an account and leave.  Be active.  Be real.  Be seen.  Join groups of like-minded people and watch as a world of exciting possibilities in your pursuit of Mr. Right becomes available to you.

#3: Get It

So, you’re out fishing and find that you have one on the line.  You really like this one and so you keep reeling him in.  Unfortunately, he is being a hard catch.  At first you like the idea of your Mr. Right playing coy.  But then you begin to realize that the attraction you have for him might not be a shared common opinion between the both of you.  Instead of trying to figure out how to find Mr. Right in this man, go fishing elsewhere.

Doing so could cause a couple of things to happen.  First, you might find him swimming after you as soon as he sees you’re getting away.  Of course, it is possible that you discover that things would never have worked between the two of you.  There is a third option.  What if moving away finds the real Mr. Right suddenly catching your line?  It’s possible.

#4: Get Ready

Remember how I said earlier that you need to be right to find Mr. Right?  Being ready for the catch is a crucial key to that point.  Ready could mean working on your health, your weight, your living conditions or any of a variety of other factors.  It could also be working on the interview.


When did this become an application for a job rather than finding romance and love in your life?

It didn’t, but it is the same concept.  If you seem like a wet fish in personality when Mr. Right comes into your life you might find him simply swimming out of your life faster than you expected.  However, if you are prepared ahead of time for his arrival the story can be entirely different.  So sit down, perhaps with paper and pen, and map out what strategies you would like to partake in to become that right person for your Mr. Right.

Following strategies like these will help you to succeed in find that one and only Mr. Right.  Worrying and fretting about where he might be isn’t going to do you or anyone much good.  Instead, actively planning how to take the next step is what you need to do to prepare yourself in the answer of how to find Mr. Right.

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