How To Impress A Boy On Chat

Would you like to know the inside scoop on how to impress a boy on chat? If you answered “yes” then today is your lucky day. Not only am I a guy, but I have had many years of experience talking to girls on chat. I am going to tell you exactly what to do, if you want to know how to impress a boy on chat.

Let’s clear one thing up before I start divulging some secrets to you, which is that sending naughty pictures is not the way to impress a boy on chat. In many cases you may think this is the best way to get his immediate attention, however if he doesn’t know you well he may be wondering how many other girls you have sent these pictures too. Although he may be interested in a fling, if he is that type of guy, the chances are high that he definitely will not want to enter into a long term relationship.

How to impress a boy on chat the right way

Show genuine interest in who he is

Boys being boys means that they usually have some hobby or interest or another. He may be into sports, cars or computer games. Regardless of what it is that interests him, it is your job to show genuine interest. Even though these topics may bore you, the best way to impress him right from the start is to show interest and a willingness to learn about the things that are important to him.

Show him your happy and fun side

Boys want to be with a girl that they can have fun with. The last thing that they want is a girl who takes herself too seriously. When you are talking to a boy on chat be sure to make jokes and be happy. Show him that you can be a fun and interesting person to have around. Try and make him laugh and keep things fun and light.

Keep the conversations interesting

Instead of having awkward silences or pauses, rather keep the conversation interesting. Surprise him with all sorts of fun and interesting things. Tell him a fun secret or ask him some questions. Make sure that you keep the conversation interesting and never boring.

How to impress a boy on chat

Flirt in all the right ways

When it comes to learning how to impress a boy on chat, you want to show him that you are interested, without coming on too strong. The best ways to do this is to flirt with him, in a fun and light-hearted way. Let him know you are interested by the things that you say, after all, you don’t want to risk landing in the dreaded “friend zone”. Give him compliments and let him know that you find him attractive.

Be a bit mysterious

One of the ways to impress a boy on chat is to keep him interested. The best way to do this is to not reveal everything about who you are right away. You need to show him previews of who you are, without giving it all away.

After all, if you tell him too much on chat, you may have nothing left to talk about in person. You will need to be a bit mysterious and you could add in some flirting at the same time. Some examples could be, “get to know me and find out….” Always leave in some mystery as this will definitely impress him and make him want to learn more.

Show him that you are chilled

It is important to show him that you are chilled and relaxed. The last thing that a guy wants is a girl who is too intense, clingy or needy. This means that you need to show him that you are not going to stalk his life and turn into a psycho if he chooses to get to know you better. The best way to do this is to give him some space and not to constantly bombard him on chat. Wait for him to contact you first, don’t always be the first one to start the conversation. Let a day or two go by before you contact him, let him see that you are not too needy or desperate for his affections.

Use pictures and images

It is very important to remember that boys are visual creatures by nature. Although I highly suggest not sending naughty pictures, you could choose to send some tasteful pictures. One of the best ways to get his attention, and still keep your dignity is to send him fun pictures while you are chatting every so often. Don’t do this all the time, rather every so often in order to mix things up. For example, if you went to the beach and he asks you what you did that day, you could send him a picture of the beautiful beach you were at.

You will need to choose when to send images and always try to make sure that they are the right images as opposed to the wrong ones. If he asks to see pictures, then that is a different story, but you will need to use your discretion wisely as to what you send and when you send them. I hope that this may help you understand a bit better how to impress a boy on chat with the use of photos.




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