How To Talk Dirty To A Guy

Let’s be honest learning how to talk dirty to a guy is quite difficult. I know this because I am a guy myself and only a few women have ever actually gotten this right. The reality is that if you don’t really know how to talk dirty to a guy, you can really end up embarrassing yourself. In many cases you can come across as desperate, cheap or even cheesy. It is best to learn some tricks and techniques that will help you learn how to talk dirty without it being lame.

How to talk dirty to a guy and get it right

There is a fine line between talking dirty to a guy and coming off as just being rude or inappropriate. It also depends heavily on the guy and the situation. There are actually some great ways which you can learn, which is going to help you talk dirty to a guy and obtain the desired results.

Don’t worry if this is all new to you, because I am going to teach you some simple yet effective techniques. After reading these tips and tricks you should be in a better position to be able to pull this off more effectively.

Timing is everything

Okay, so the first rule is that when you do this, you need to be extremely mindful of the timing and situation. You don’t want to randomly start talking dirty to him if you in public. You also don’t want to appear like aliens have invaded your body and you have become someone else. You will need to keep all of these factors in mind and carefully wait for the right time.

The best time may be before you both go get to bed. If you are dating each other, it will be best on a weekend after you have come back from the movies and you are both lying in bed.

Whisper in his ear

Nothing makes a guy more excited, than when you gently whisper sweet words of affection to him in his ear. You can start by whispering sweet and kind things; you could then start whispering about all the things that you would love to do to him. Rather not be too descriptive at first, just to see his reaction. You could always take it slow, for the first time you do this you could keep it quite clean, but cute and the second time make it a bit more descriptive.

Find out what he likes

If you know what he likes, then you will have an idea of what to say. If you have been dating for a while and he likes something that only the two of you know about, then use this information to your advantage. You could whisper in his ear and say something like “I can’t wait to ….just the way that you like it”. If you don’t know what he likes then you will need to work harder at finding it out. You could ask him directly, or you could try to work it out.

How To Talk Dirty To A Guy

Talk about a sexy memory

Hopefully by now the two of you will have had least one sexy memory together. One of the best ways to talk dirty to a guy is to remind him about your sexy memory together. If you have had a few sexy moments together, then choose the one which is the most hottest and memorable.

Remind him of every single little detail and this will more than likely get him extremely excited. This is actually one of the easiest and most effective methods to speak dirty to a guy. It also should be less embarrassing for you than simply taking a chance with something as you already know that he liked it.

Be creative

When it comes to wanting to know how to talk dirty to a guy, I need to tell you honestly that there is no right or wrong way to go about this. It is entirely up to you, how you want to go about it; however you should know that creativity goes a long way.

Even though all guys may be similar in nature, we are all unique as an individual which does mean that we like different things. We don’t all like the same things and some of us are more open minded than others. It is important that when you talk dirty to a man you remain respectful of who he is as a person and his values. However with that being said, trust me when I tell you that the more creative you are the better it will be.

Compliment him

This sounds like such an obvious thing to do, but you will be surprised at how many females do not even think of this. When you are talking dirty to him, make sure that you compliment him in the process. Guys love being complimented so if you tell him how good he is in bed, or how wonderful he is then the chances are high that he will be really happy.

Talking dirty to a guy can also him to feel more confident in knowing that you are fully satisfied in every way possible. Men can be very ignorant by nature, so it is best that you literally spell it out for him at times. He will be very happy to know that he is on the right track in the bedroom. You can be assured in knowing that this is some truly valuable inside information I have given you on how to talk dirty to a guy, please it use it wisely.


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