I Like Bad Boys

Do you constantly keep thinking why do I like bad boys? Are you one of those females that seem to keep attracting all the wrong guys? Do you only find that you are only attracted to the really bad boys? Is this starting to become a problem for you? Is your dating life starting to get seriously messed up because of these bad boys? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then please continue reading.

Help I like bad boys, is something which I hear pretty often. Even though I am a guy, I have many female friends and I really do understand the concept of “bad boys” pretty well. Although I have seen as more of a “good guy”, I can totally understand why females would find bad boys attractive.

Help me please I like bad boys and it is ruining my life

The truth is that bad boys are not good for you. Even though you may know this intellectually, your heart and your body may be telling you something completely different. In fact, you may be finding it hard to stop being attracted to these types of guys.

Liking bad boys never end well

I know that this is the last thing that you want to hear, but in my experience I can tell you that I have never seen a girl end up happily ever after with a bad boy. You see bad boys are not really relationship material and they definitely should not end up being your future husband or the father of your kids.

I am not saying that boys don’t change, but as long as he continues to act like a bad boy, he really isn’t the one for you. I strongly suggest that you look deeply inside and try to discover how you can work at not going for these types of guys.

I like bad boysBreak the pattern

Breaking the pattern in dating is never easy, especially in your case if you find bad boys attractive. Even though it may be difficult or near to impossible to not find them attractive, you cannot choose to date them or allow them into your life under any circumstances. You need to have a “no bad boys allowed” policy and you will need to stick to it.

You will need to do everything within your power to break the pattern of dating bad boys. It may be a good idea to speak to some of your close friends and say to them “I like bad boys, but I need to change this”, the chances are high that they will be willing to support and help you.

You need to change your perception

In order to get over your attraction to bad guys, you will need to see the true value of a good guy. Once you are able to see how amazing being with a “good guy” can really be, you will never want to go back to these bad boys ever again, I can promise you that.

The thing is that not all good guys are boring like you may think. Even though I am a guy I totally understand that many girls think that bad boys are exciting and fun, while the good guys are boring. I can tell you that there are many great guys out there who are really interesting, smart, good, kind and exciting all at the same time.

You will need to actively work hard at changing your perceptions about these things. Try to get to know some more good guys and start to genuinely see the value that they can bring into your life. Even though you may not be physically attracted to a good guy, once you get to know him well he can become just as excited or even more exciting than a bad guy.

I can put it to you this way; a good guy opens up the possibility for a real future together. A good guy can make you feel special, commit to you, hold your hand in public and even be introduced to your family and parents. Your future together can be extremely exciting and once your perceptions start changing, so will your feelings.

Start facing the truth

In many cases, females think that they prefer bad boys, not because they are more exciting or attractive but because they are actually a safer option. I will explain it you like this, a bad boy is usually emotionally unavailable and in many cases he doesn’t even want to commit to you fully. He will never be able to give you what you need in your life. Sometimes girls actually find this to be a safer option emotionally as there is no real emotional risk involved.

It is up to you, to explore why you are more attracted to these types of guys. You don’t have to tell anyone the answer; you just need to be entirely honest with yourself. Once you are able to fully understand why you have been making these decisions, you may be able to start working on finding some solutions.

There are many attractive guys out there who are not bad boys. In fact, older females will be able to tell you that nothing is more attractive than a grown man who is stable and confident. Bad boys tend to become quite annoying once you get older.

Instead of wasting any more time with the wrong boys, rather start looking towards the future with the right ones. Even though with a good guy you will need to be willing to invest your real emotions into the relationship, a guy will be able to reciprocate these feelings. Hopefully with some commitment and work, thinking I like bad boys only, will be a thing of the past.

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