Ladies: Are You Using These Common Cell Phone Etiquette Rules?

In a world where technology practically runs our entire planet, there’s no question that a cell phone is a woman’s best friend. But sometimes it can be more than a best friend, it can be an outlet to get away from the real world and soon thereafter can become a bad habit. So much of a bad habit that it can begin to affect your dating and relationship life in a negative way.

If you’re already in a relationship then start looking for these subtle cue’s from your man. If he starts to ignore you when you get on your cell phone or even gets on his cell phone right after you do, he’s annoyed and is literally screaming for attention. If he deliberately tells you to get off of your cell phone, well then it’s obvious that he’s annoyed.

Constantly checking social media websites such as twitter, pinterest, facebook and posting a ton of pictures on instagram is annoying within itself. While it’s okay to check these websites every so often, it is not your life and there’s nothing more annoying to a guy than a woman who is always on her cell phone. Unless of course this guy is always on his cell phone to, in which case he hardly notices you on yours.

Guys Love Women With Cell Phone Etiquette

Guys love women who know cell phone etiquette because these women know when and where to use their cell phones. This isn’t to say that you should live a communist type of lifestyle and only use your cell phone when permitted by you


r man. That’s not at all what we’re saying, instead what we are saying is that common courtesy goes a long way.

Guys want a woman who has a real life social life, not a woman who only has a life over social media. Posting your feelings and thoughts online 24/7 is a huge sign of insecurity and boredom. This screams “I have too much time on my hands” to your current boyfriend or man you’re interested in. It is not attractive and should be kept under control not only on your own time but also when you’re together in person.

Always remember that the internet is “written in ink” and anything you say will be there forever (unless you delete your accounts or your posts.) Whatever you post online constantly paints a picture of who you are even if it’s not the picture you wanted painted for everyone else to see. So choose your words and emotions wisely.

Proper Cell Phone Etiquette You Can Use Right Now

Before we get into what proper cell phone etiquette is, understand that you’ve probably been using your cell phone for a very long time and these changes will not happen over night. Creating new cell phone etiquette habits take time, but with the right approach you can definitely override those habits with new ones by understanding these cell phone rules.

1. Cell phone etiquette at dinner matters. More often than not your cell phone is on the table and can become a bit of a distraction. Conversations begin and you’re having a great time when all of a sudden your cell phone goes off. The best thing to do in this case would be to put your cell phone away. Not only is this a distraction but it also shows your date that you don’t really care to be in his presence.

The best way to avoid this is to put your cell phone away at the beginning of the date. If you’re expecting a call or text message from someone, then let him know ahead of time this way he doesn’t feel disrespected. Now the date can go on and you two can really get to know each other.

2. Cell phone etiquette in the movie theater is very important. Now is the best time to use your cell phone etiquette to check your phone before the previews. Put your phone on silent and away in your purse. Your guy will appreciate your common courtesy and will definitely want to take you out on another date. If for any reason you do need to answer your cell phone, take the call or message outside of the theater so everyone else can enjoy the movie.

3. When you’re around his family, it’s you and him with his family. No cell phones. You want to make good impressions and win his family over. The best way to NOT do this is to be on your cell phone. So if you really care about the guy you’re around, leave your cell phone in your purse or in his room so it won’t intrude on family time. This small gesture goes a long ways and the rest of the family will notice it, especially his mom.

What It Really Boils Down To

The cell phone etiquette is certainly not the first thing on a guys mind but common courtesy is. You see most good men, assuming you’re dating or are attracted to one, were raised with a certain level of respect and common courtesy for others. They were either brought up this way or developed these good habits because they want to be a better man.

If this is the type of man you want, then expect to reciprocate that same common courtesy in return by fiddling less on your cell phone. The social media posts and notifications must all become secondary if you are to land or improve your relationship with your current man. Now go off into the internet world and spread this post like a wildfire. Your friends relationships depend on it.

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