My Boyfriend Told Me That He Loves Me

Help my boyfriend told me that he loves me and now I don’t know what to do? If this sounds familiar to you, please be assured that you are just where you need to be, as I can help you shed some light on this particular issue. The good news is that I am a guy myself and I have some great insight into this.

Are you struggling with knowing what to do or say? Do you feel like he may have told you that he loves you too soon? Are you scared that if you don’t say it back, he will jump to conclusions? Do you take telling someone that you love them, very seriously? If you answered “yes” to all of these questions then you definitely should continue reading.

Help my boyfriend told me that he loves me

I understand that you may be freaking out and extremely nervous at this point, so I would like to tell you to take a big deep breathe and relax. I also would like to let you know that you are not alone. As a guy I can tell you that many females all over the world have been in exactly the same position as you are in now. They also were not sure what to do or say and it made things very awkward.

I would really like to provide you with some helpful and useful advice to ensure that things don’t remain awkward between you and your guy.

Everyone is different

Firstly let me tell you that everyone is unique and different. This means that you should not compare this guy to your other relationships. It may take a guy a year to tell you that he loves you or he may say it after a week. Before you freak out, try to see where he is coming from. He may really be falling for you and instead of being able to articulate that, he simply told you that he loves you. It may be his way of telling you that really is falling hard.

Don’t let your past dictate your future

If this is a good guy who really is a kind human being, then please do not allow your past relationships to dictate your current one. Many females make the mistake of making a guy suffer for all their past douche bag ex’s. Remember that the other guys were different people and this particular guy, deserves a fair chance. If he is telling you that he loves you, try to understand that he may genuinely mean it. Don’t let any of your past relationships come in the way of this new one.

My boyfriend told me that he loves meBe honest with him

If he is a good guy and he genuinely cares about you, you can be honest with him. In fact, if you tell him that you are not ready to say I love you yet, I am sure that he will understand. You could kindly explain to him that you do have very strong feelings for him, but you are not so quick with saying things like this so soon. You could also explain to him for you saying this is a very big deal. It is also going to worth your while to say that this is not a problem with him, but rather just a personality trait of your own.

Reassure him in other ways

If you are unsure what to say back to him, when he says that he loves you, you could always reassure him in other ways. Shower him with lots of love and smiles when he says it. Buy him a small gift or make him something special. Show him with actions that you genuinely do care about him back. You don’t want him to end up feeling insecure so it is going to be your job to make him feel as secure as possible in the relationship.

Under the psychology behind it

It is important for you to remember that everybody was brought up differently. I have friends who never hugged their own parents, and then I have friends who hug their parents 100 times a day. I know families where they tell each other that they love them all the time and even announce it all over social media; however I also know families where they never say it at all. It may be useful to realize that you and the guy that you are dating have had different upbringings and while you do take it very seriously he may say it as a sign of affection.

Try to genuinely seeing where he is coming from and remember that guys are terrible at expressing their feelings. I am the first one to admit that we really do suck at expressing ourselves, so don’t be too hard on him. This guy may be the guy who you are going to spend the rest of your life with, in which case his saying he loves you before you do is actually a really good thing.

The positive side of all of this

Think about it this way, at least he said it first. Seriously if you are spared from having to say it first then you are a very lucky lady. The chances are that he told you that he loves you because he genuinely means it so see it as a good thing. There are many females all over the world who have been waiting for years for their boyfriends to tell them how much they love them. You will be surprised at how many females feel rejected because their boyfriends never say it. I

Instead of worrying about saying it back, simply enjoy this wonderful, amazing guy that you have landed. Try to relax more and just enjoy his company and when the timing is right, you will say it back guaranteed. Hopefully in time you can look back at reading a post called, “my boyfriend told me he loves me” and simply be able to laugh about it.





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