Help My Husband Ignores Me

Just to let you know many marriages go through a phase where females start thinking, my husband ignores me and I don’t know what to do. This can be extremely stressful for a wife as she may feel that her husband has totally lost interest in her. As a guy I can tell you that if you are reading this and “help my husband ignores me”, has caught your attention, then you are already on the first step to getting some help.

Help my husband ignores me what should I do?

The truth is that admitting there is a problem is the very first step in the right direction. You will be surprised how many marriages all over the world go through struggles, even the happy smiling couples on Facebook. Many people just won’t admit to you they are having marriage problems and that they feel ignored by their husbands.

Don’t jump to conclusions

In many cases when a wife feels unheard, she may jump to conclusions. If you constantly feel like your husband is ignoring everything that you say and not listening to you, please don’t jump to conclusions. As a guy I know it is easy for me to say, but I promise you when I tell you that you may be reading too much into it. If your husband ignores you, it does not mean that he is cheating on you and it definitely does not mean that he doesn’t love you anymore.

What does it mean if my husband is ignoring me?

If your husband is ignoring you, there are so many reasons for this that you may actually be surprised at how simple it may be. One of the reasons why a husband ignores his wife may be because he is genuinely tired and overworked. He may have stress at work and he may find it hard to concentrate. When it comes to being heard, females are usually more sensitive than men are.

In reality, there are probably many times when you have not heard everything that he has said. Even though your husband ignoring you may come off as really rude and disrespectful, the truth is that he may just be very tired. I will put it to you another way, men are not able to act as well as women can. In fact, most men have zero acting skills; this means that they really are not even able to pretend to be listening. I am in no way defending men or excusing them for not listening to you, but what I am doing is trying to explain it to you honestly from a man’s frame of reference.

Schedule a date night

One of the best things that you can do if you feel ignored by your husband is to schedule a date night when you both are wide awake. A good night to do this would be on a weekend, so that you both can be alert and attentive to each other. You may even notice immediately that when he is not distracted by work or tired from the day, how better his attention span and concentration may be.

I have personally seen cases where a wife has felt ignored by her husband and when you speak to her husband, she actually has no idea that he is even doing this. Women seem to over analyze things in general and doing this will only make it all worse.

Therefore taking him out of the home situation, away from stress and into a fun and happy environment may make all the difference in the world. In fact, if you really want to sort the problem out, scheduling a date night every few weeks is a very good idea to spend time together when it is just the two of you. He will have no choice but to be attentive to you when he is sitting across from you at your favorite restaurant.

Don’t attack him

When you are feeling ignored by your husband, trust me when I tell you it will not get you anywhere to raise your voice or attack him. In many cases, men can get quite or appear to be ignoring their wife when they are bothered or stressed. It does not have to be anything to do with you or the marriage; it could simply be stress from work. Some men react to things by withdrawing and in doing so it may appear to you that he is ignoring you. The chances are high that this may not his intentions at all, so please don’t make him feel worse by attacking him or accusing him as this will only make him withdraw even more.

My husband ignores me

Talk to him in a loving and caring manner

If you want to bring up the subject about feeling ignored, your best bet is doing it when you are both in good moods on a weekend. You also don’t want to blindside him by simply bringing this up as you don’t want to make him feel like you are accusing him of anything. Remember that men are sensitive too they just have a different way of showing it.

You can address the subject in a very polite way and do it in a more conversational manner. This will make it into more of a conversation as opposed to an argument. You could try saying things like “I feel like we are not spending as much time together as we used to and in all honestly at times it feels to me like you are ignoring me”. Be sure to give him a chance to speak and to explain himself.

In most cases, he will turn out to be the man that you loved and married and he will offer a great explanation. Now you know what you need to do and hopefully you never have to read another internet article again on “help my husband ignores me”.

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