THE DEBATE: Should Men Pay For Dates?

Here’s a topic that has always been two sided. A couple goes out on a date and immediately the first thing that comes to mind is income. Should men pay for dates or should the woman?

Back in the day when chivalry wasn’t dead it was normal to see the man open the door for the woman, take her out on the town, wine and dine her, and obviously front the bill for a good time.

Movies of young boys taking girls out to the movies, the first kiss scene, and even cases where a guy forgets his wallet are all memories of American classics.

As time went on, it is no longer the man who is in control. Since the progression of women’s rights and more gender equality, women are coming into their own and becoming more empowered.

There are women who would rather pay for themselves than to have a man for them. They – in a sense – have too much pride in themselves and have an independent attitude towards life.

Every man should want a woman that is independent and strong willed, but at the end of the day – the age old question comes up: who’s going to pay for the bill?

should men pay for dates


Who Should Front The Bill?

Imagine that you just met a guy and were asked out on a date. As he picks you up for your first date, you’re a bit nervous as to what to really expect.

While you obviously agreed to this date, you’re still a little unsure as to where the night could end up. You smell his cologne and enjoy the fact that he smells good and has even taken the time to shave. You’re attracted.

He decides to take charge and you wind up at a park to hang out and get to know each other better. From there the two of you make a decision to grab a bite to eat just before you head to the movie theater.

The night is shaping up well.

But just before discussing the movie times and finishing up your meals at the nice restaurant, the waitress comes and brings the check on one tab and either one of two things happens:

1. You start to pull out your wallet

2. He starts to pull out his wallet

At this point, on a first date, who should front the bill?

Why The Man Should Pay..Sometimes…

In the scenario above, it’s obvious that the man should pay for the dinner and of course the movie afterwards. The last thing any guy wants is to get into an awkward scenario where he doesn’t have enough money.

Point blank, if the guy doesn’t have any money to take you out on a nice date, assume that he just hasn’t gotten paid yet and don’t jump to sudden conclusions.

What’s more important anyways is getting to know each other and seeing if you actually connect. Unless of course you have ulterior motives behind why you’re actually on the date in the first place. In which case you should go find some rich guy to satisfy your shopping habits.

It’s definitely the right thing to do from a man’s perspective to front the first date and perhaps even the second. Once you get to know each other a bit more, you should show that you’re an independent woman and pay for your next meal.

Meeting up for a lunch is a good way to do this. Paying for yourself not only makes you more attractive but it shows that you aren’t just there to get wine and dined.

While there are men who do love to take care of a woman’s every financial need, a lot of guys would love to see a woman take out her card or cash and pay for herself.

Empowered women are not only attractive, they’re keepers!

Don’t Abuse It

Guys, when they have the money, will always be willing to front the bill if they really like the girl. Some guys might even spend there last dollar on you until next paycheck because they like you soo much.

But if you see that they guys is struggling, don’t abuse it! Enjoy the times that he does want to take you out or the times that he does treat you. You’re only going to make your relationship stronger and last longer.

Now if you’re just going out on a couple of dates to test the waters, let him pay for the first date and then you pay for your meal or movie ticket in the second date.

If nothing else just offer to pay to see how he responds.

At the end of the day, first dates should be taken care of by the man forever and always.

If you’re in a relationship, the best thing to do is to find a solid balance between you paying and your man paying. Yes it’s nice to be take care of a woman and feel a sense of pride, but don’t abuse your man’s wallet just because you can.

Offer to pay and show that you’ve got more to offer than just companionship. Remember that whatever you expect him to bring to the relationship, you should bring as well.

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