Should You Kiss On The First Date?

One of the first things on a guys mind besides your panties is the first kiss. Yes, it’s true, guys also think about that mushy stuff. But should you kiss on the first date? There are countless reasons why you’re on the date in the first place. The main reasons being: you’re looking for some cool guys to casually date, looking for a potential boyfriend or you just want to hook up.

Heck maybe you guys met on online, at a work party or a friend introduced you. Whatever your reason, it’s crucial that you establish what you’re looking to take away from this date before you pucker up.

Sex Beasts

It’s no secret that men are hungry sex beasts. If men weren’t like this the human species wouldn’t exist, so be thankful. At the same time we don’t want you to just give things up that easy. You’ll come off as easy, and we’ll keep you around for a while, but eventually we’ll come to the realization that the challenge was too easy. If you make us wait, you can expect us to stick around for a while, genuinely wanting to know more should-you-kiss-on-the-first-dateabout you since you aren’t like every other girl.

What Men Think During A First Date Kiss Scenario

When a girl brings her full arsenal on the first date, we immediately think she’s easy and will go for the kill the very next chance we get. Your tongue action immediately screams freak in the sheets and you better believe we’re planning the next get together with excitement. This tells us physically what your intentions are, and if they weren’t, well then you shouldn’t have had a wrestling match with our tongues.

If a girl leaves her arsenal of tongue weapons at home, and instead opts for a hug, we’ll like it even more than a kiss. It’s definitely a nice feeling we like, giving a girl a nice long hug, it shows us she’s down to earth and isn’t willing to fit the norm. At the same time we don’t shut down girls that go for a full on kiss. Remember, we love a challenge but we also love a freak. To find a combination of both is a man’s life long dream – in the future we’ll call this woman our wife.

Men are willing to change their approach as many times as it takes so they can get the first kiss. If we don’t kiss on the first date, we’ll usually be thinking about how we should have kissed you, or how we wished you would have kissed us. We’ll start thinking of ways to text you and ask you out for a second date, just so we can be in your presence and hopefully get a second shot. Don’t be surprised if your phone doesn’t get any good morning texts, we’re probably plotting away, thinking of the next best way to set up a hangout without coming off as needy or pushy.

Slow Down Turbo Woman

Before you jump to assumptions thinking that you’ve figured men out, keep in mind that this is just the tip of the iceberg. As men, we’re very critical thinkers when it comes to “the game,” we want to perfect our craft. It may take a while for you to grasp the concept of men, but once you know what we like, you can start snagging dates and filtering the good guys from the bad in no time. So should you kiss on the first date? Is it even normal to kiss on the first date? That’s entirely up to us, we’re going to decide if we really want to or not. Although it still does “take two to tango,” we’re still hunters who will go for what we want. If you do, however,  decide to go in for the first date kiss, we’ll more than likely smooch back.

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