The Top 10 things That Turn Guys On.. (It’s Not Your Boobs)

Turning men on is as easy as putting your hand on his crotch, or flashing some cleavage. If you do however have class – and I’m assuming you do have class – and want to try something different that doesn’t involve turning into a complete slut, then take a look at the top 10 things that turn guys on. If not, you’re more than welcome to attract guys like Alien from Spring Breakers.


Do you slouch your shoulders? Look down when you walk? Keep your words to yourself? These are all signs of a girl who lacks confidence in herself – and just like girls don’t like it – guys don’t like it either. The way you want to be looked at by everyone else, is the way you should look at yourself from the get go. Guys love a woman with confidence – not spoiled-ness. Be confident in yourself, you’ll attract more guys and will feel better about yourself for doing so.


Aside from your fingerprints, laughing is something that makes you unique!  Guys love when you laugh around them – not at them – because it makes them feel like they’re interesting and likeable. Everyone wants to be liked. Now of course don’t start laughing out of no where like an insane clown, but laugh when the appropriate moment come sup. This is easy to do and attracts happy guys in your life.


top 10 things that turn guys on

No you aren’t fate. Exercise is something that is done to make yourself feel better. Losing weight is merely a byproduct of going to the gym, just like gaining weight is a byproduct of eating too much ice cream. Guys love a woman who takes care of her body and looks after herself. We subconsciously think “if she puts that much attention towards her physical fitness, she must have a good head on her shoulders.” Winning.


It’s trendy for girls to drink fruity drinks with exotic tropical island names. On the contrary, it’s not everyday you see a woman who’s enjoys a good beer (not that Budweiser or Coors Light stuff). I’m talking about IPA’s, Pale Ales, Golden/Blondes, Lagers, Pilseneres and so on! Not only will expanding your beer palette make you more attractive amongst guys, you’re going to expand your palette of men also. No more vodka tonics for you miss!

Family Oriented

Somewhere beneath all of those drunken nights, lies a man who someday wants a family. Now even you may not be “Mrs. Right” and are really only “Mrs. Right Now,” it’s still good to show that you’ve got those family oriented values! Talk highly about your family and the things you like – not the things you don’t like. Every guys wants a girl who has an awesome family.

Hang With The Boys

If you can hang with the boys, drink the beers, exchange obscenities and hold your alcohol, you’re solid gold to any guy.


Guys are more of a get-up-and-go type creatures. We’d rather pack our bags really quick and hit the road, rather than make hotel reservations weeks in advance. If you can be spontaneous and suggest taking a random trip, you’re instantly that much more attractive to hang around with. Try leading the way next time you’re going out. Suggest something outrageous rather than a typical party or bar scene, thsi is a definitely in the top 10 things that turn guys on.


Turning guys on means being an independent woman. We don’t want the girl who gets everything from daddy. We want the girl who has her own schedule, her own things to do, her own life. Attracting the right guy into your life starts with having your own life. So go do that first.


Talking goals is a major turn on. Talking goals and taking action on your goals is even more attractive. There’s nothing like a woman who talks the talk and walks the walk. Guys want a go getter woman who knows what she wants, and is taking the necessary actions to get what she wants.

Stop Needing A Man

The moment you stop needing a man, the moment more men talk about you and want to be with you. This is an instant turn on for guys because you become exclusive. You’re like the candy our mom’s said we can’t have, so we want it even more.

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