Top 5 Mistakes most women make with men

Let’s take a raw and real look at the top 5 mistakes most women make with men. This is your opportunity to really understand what it is that you ladies keep getting wrong. As a male I have seen my sister, my female friends and my mates girlfriends make the same mistakes over and over again. They often do not even realize it and if they do the chances are high that is it is often way too late.

I know that this is not always easy to hear and it is hard to admit mistakes. I can promise you that if you take me seriously and work on these things, you will have more chances than ever before of landing your dream man and keeping him.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 mistakes most women make with men

Please note that even one of these mistakes can end up costing you a relationship with a really good guy. I am telling you all of this and helping you, from a really caring and honest perspective. I know that many girls are not even aware they are doing these things as their own female friends won’t tell them. These are the top mistakes I have seen women make, a few too many times for my liking to be entirely honest.

Ignoring the obvious warning signs

How many times do you girls ignore the signs that are right in front of you? It seems that no matter what he does in your eyes he can do no wrong. It also seems that the truth is staring you right in the face, yet you either can’t see it or you don’t want to see it. When you start seeing a guy and you see “red flags”, instead of ignoring them, open your eyes. It is going to be much harder and much more painful in the long run to ignore these signs.

Yes you may want to believe him and believe in him, but please don’t push everyone away and isolate with him. This behavior is not healthy at all and if the warning signs are there rather face the reality no matter how hard it may seem to be. Too many girls ignore the warning signs and end up getting walked all over, used, and often end up wasting years of their life which could have been avoided.

Top 5 Mistakes most women make with menJumping into bed with him too soon

As a guy I would like to tell you openly and honestly that although guys may like sleeping with you, don’t give it away too soon. The truth is that when a guy gets what he wants immediately, there really is no real need for him to work for anything anymore. He may start to become lazy and he will start taking you for granted really quickly. Girls make a very crucial mistake over and over again and that is by jumping into bed with him too soon.

I keep telling my female friends the same thing and I am going to tell it to you too, rather take your time getting to know the guy before you jump into bed with him. Show him from the start that you respect yourself and that you do not just give it away easily. Trust me when I tell you that he is going to respect you more for this and you will end up getting further with him in the long run. There is also a higher chance that he will want a commitment and a relationship.

Jumping the gun

One of the biggest mistakes I see females making again and again is jumping the gun. This has a tendency to scare guys away very quickly. No guy wants to feel like he is obligated to marry you and have your children. You need to take things “more chilled” and ease into things naturally and slowly. Rather don’t mention children and marriage to him as this may really scare him off.

If you have only been dating the guy for a few months it is important to not get ahead too soon. Most guys live in the present and it will be counterproductive to your relationship to start talking about the future too much. If you are going to be discussing the future, rather discuss the plans for the next weekend. It may also be a good idea to not introduce him to your friends, family and grandparents in the first few months. Rather see where the relationship is going before you start getting too far ahead, trust me when I tell you that this advice can really be beneficial if you choose to use it.

Choosing a guy based off looks alone

This is one of the biggest mistakes that women make all over the world. Guys make this mistake too with females and trust me when I tell you it never gets us the results that we want. Choosing a guy based off looks alone is one of the biggest mistakes that women can make. Honestly I really don’t know what you are thinking. Let me put it to you like this, just because he looks good on the outside that does not mean he is relationship material. Just because he looks good on the outside that does not mean you are compatible as human beings.

Now I am not saying you should go for a guy that you don’t find attractive. I am not going to give that you that lame “it’s what is inside that counts “speech. All I am saying is that going off looks alone is a huge mistake. Rather get to know the guy, see if you are compatible, spend time with, and learn more about him and his personality. Take some time to discover if you have similar morals and values and if he can make you laugh. You get where I am going with this, basically just because you think he is hot it does not mean that you are compatible.

Creating drama

I have seen this so many times and every time that I see this, I want to run away and hide. I am so sick of watching this time and time again. Let me tell you that one of the biggest mistakes many women make with men is creating drama. Men do not like drama and this is a fact. I am telling you that if you keep creating drama, you will easily run the risk of not only losing him but also completely putting him off you.

Most guys like to relax and have peace, when they experience drama they do not enjoy it at all. Women who keep continuously creating drama do not realize and understand just how much damage they are causing. Even if you are not creating the drama on purpose or you think there is a good reason for it, trust me when I tell you the drama which is being brought into the guys life is going to start to become extremely problematic and it won’t end well for you. Rather leave the drama and start working towards a healthy relationship. I will tell you a little secret while guys may sleep with girls who bring drama, they do not see them as long term relationship material.

Although it may not be easy to change your ways, it may be necessary if you want to land the man of your dreams and keep him. Although it is not easy to admit to any of these mistakes, if you are willing to be honest and eliminate the above mistakes then you will be on the right path to finding true and everlasting love. These are honestly the biggest top 5 mistakes that most women make with men.

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