What Do Men Want for Christmas?

Choosing a Christmas gift for most men can be a really difficult task if you make it that way. So when you ask yourself “what do men want for Christmas,” you’re already over complicating things. Keep the ideas simple and really just look for the surface things. If you’re thinking about getting him an unusual gift, we would definitely recommend you refrain from such ridiculous actions. Just kidding, surprise him with something funny and you’ll make his day all the more.

Top Gifts Men Want for Christmas

Cologne – Men always love smelling good and enjoy having a selection of different scents to choose from. Remember that it’s his scent that you’re catering to, it doesn’t matter what smell you like. If he doesn’t like it, he won’t wear it.

Grooming – Christmas gifts don’t have to be outrageous, simplicity is always best when it comes to men. Grooming equipment such as a new electric razor, hair clippers or grooming kit will usually always be a great Christmas gift. Maybe you can go as far as to buy him a shower mirror so he can shave in the shower.

Clothes – Every guy has his own unique sense of style so there’s no specific answer to this question. Take notice to the type of clothes he wears and then decide what to get him based on what you think he’d like. No guy wants to be dressed up by a girl, we aren’t dolls, we’re people. Buy clothes for him, not for your own visual pleasures – unless you’re the pants in the relationship. Then it’s totally cool. (Gift cards work here too, he can go shopping on his own time lately.)


Tools – Depending on the guy, tools can be a great Christmas gift for the man who likes to work with his hands. Who knows, he might finally fix that sink you’ve been nagging him about.

Sports – A great gift idea any guy would like are tickets to a sporting event. If you can surprise him with two tickets for you and him to attend a match, he’ll be grateful and you get to spend some quality time together. Buying him his favorite players jersey is always a plus as well.

Music – Since music is always on the go these days, you can buy him a few albums online or you can even buy him some spiffy new headphones.

Electronics – Electronics can be a bit expensive, but this is a gift idea you can almost always never go wrong with. Maybe you buy him a sweet HD camera, a brand new flat screen, some recording stuff for his music, etc. Depending on what his interests are, electronics are always a great choice.

Watches – Guys like having a flossy looking time piece. This is a great Christmas gift that any guy would enjoy and could put to use immediately. Just make sure that batteries are included or he’ll lose track of time and blame it on you when he’s late to your parents house for Christmas dinner.

Beer – Do we really need to explain this one?

Humor Gifts – If it makes him laugh, it’s a great Christmas gift for him!

Lingerie – Although this is something you’d be wearing, this will be a gift that keeps on giving.

What If I Don’t Know What He Really Wants?

The best thing you can do in this case is ask him! A lot of guys will be humble and won’t want to sound spoiled, so they’ll say “oh you don’t have to get me anything” or “I don’t want anything for Christmas.” It’s all a load of crap and most guys appreciate getting gifts, it makes them feel important.

If you do get those two answers, ask his friends and family members what type of gifts your man would like. You can definitely pull a lot of information from them that you can use when choosing your gift.

Good luck with your Christmas shopping and Happy Holidays!

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