Top 10: Where to Take a Guy On a Date


Congratulations! You are the first woman in history to ask a guy out on a date! Only kidding, but seriously, you had to ask him out? While we are proud of your courage to take the first step, we would rather you be the one asked out. **sigh**

Knowing where to take a guy on a date is crucial to your success if he’s going to make you his solo woman. Consider the following: you not only want to take him out on a date and pay for him, you want to make a huge impression. There’s got to be a reason why he’ll choose to give you his time over all the other women in his cell phone – yes, men have other women in their cell phone, deal with it.

But don’t worry, we’re going to help you decide where to take a guy on a date that will for sure make a lasting impression. Think you have to come up with some crazy idea? Wrong. Choose from one of our 10 ideas on where to take a guy on a date and you’ll have him taking you on the next one.

Where to Take a Guy On a Date

Keep it Simple: Where to Take a Guy On a Date

1. Sports Bar

Guys love sports. If you’re dating a cowboy and the rodeo is on ESPN, make sure he’s watching it with a cold beer in his hand and a basket full of seasoned fries. If he’s going to enjoy his sport, whatever it may be, make sure you’re the one showing him a good time. He’ll associate his sport with you and will constantly associate this with the memory of your fun date experience.

2. Movies

When you’re taking a guy on a date, he’ll usually always be courteous to what you want to do. Make sure that when you’re at the movies, you go around 5:00 or 6:00pm, this way you have time to go out and continue the date afterwards. And make sure to insist that he picks the movie. Even if you want to watch a girly chick flick, pay for his ticket and suggest that you watch an action or thriller.

3. Concert/Local Show

Music makes the world go around. Find out what his taste in music is and then surprise him with some tickets. If there isn’t a huge concert going on or you don’t live in a big city, migrate to a small pub or bar and catch a local band. Music fills an environment with great energy and is sure to provide a fun experience with your date.

4. Breakfast

Breakfast? Yes, breakfast. This is a good way to see if the guy is committed to you. You can both meet up at a local waffle house and have an early breakfast together before starting your day. Men always enjoy the company of a good woman, and for a date, seeing her first thing in the morning brightens the rest of the day. Plus you can send each other text messages afterwards talking about your early morning breakfast and what you’ve been doing with your day.

5. Coffee/Tea

Keeping it casual with the coffee or tea is always a great way to go. It’s affordable and you can take your drinks on the go so you don’t seclude yourself to one single space. There’s something about having a non-alcoholic drink in your hand that makes things very innocent. If anything it will seem like a friendly meet up and less than a date, when in reality you’re really getting to know each other through awesome conversation that flows naturally – until the caffeine kicks in that is.

6. New Spot

There is always a new business opening up that provides entertainment, food, and drinks. Look for a local hot spot in your town or nearby city that you two can go to and enjoy. Afterwards, you and your guy can talk about how it was to all of your other friends and can maybe go on a double date the next time around.

7. Your Secret Spot

Get your mind out of the gutter! We mean going someplace in your town that has a nice lookout, view, or is just a place you found that seems peaceful and relaxing. In this case you can go and grab some food or a drink and then head to this spot to take your guy on a date. You can relax, talk about why you like that spot, and overall just relax and chill.

8. Where to take a guy on a date – Road Trip!

Get out of town and make an adventure! Go hiking, head to the beach, go snowboarding or go play paintball in the next town over. Wherever you live, there is always a new place the two of you could travel to. Create a fun date experience for your guy and you’ll capture his attention for a long time to come.

9. Sporting Event

Live in a city with a professional sports team? Go to a game! If you don’t, go one step down and go to the semi-professional or college game. Whatever the sport is, take the guy on a date there and he’ll definitely have a great time. Plus you can root against his team, guys like the competitiveness.

10. Bowling/Miniature Golfing

Going bowling, miniature golfing or even heading to some sort of fun park can be a great idea. It allows you to let your guy be competitive while also having that balance of fun involved. You can involve a group of people or just make a night that the two of you can enjoy. These simple ideas tie into others as well: haunted houses, corn field maze, the fair, go carts, trampoline place, etc. So long as it’s fun, it’s a great idea!


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