Why Do Men Cheat On Their Wives?

Men that cheat on their wives is a common occurrence in today’s technologically driven society.

With social networking sites and password protected logins, it’s not only a lot easier for men to cheat on their spouse but also a lot more convenient. Men also have a lot of sexy women to choose from at the push of a button.


Common Reasons Why Men Cheat On Their Wives

why men cheat on their wives

Predictability/Routine: After years of being together, men can sometimes get bored of all of the predictability and routine. The woman that was once exciting and wowed him has now become dull and boring.

So why do men cheat on their wives? Men will then look for other forms of excitement or for reasons to get away from their wives. Naturally coming in contact with other women who present a bit of mystery to be discovered. That’s the excitement that a lot of men miss. They want to rediscover and unfortunately it comes in the form of another woman.

Physical Attraction: When it comes to physical attraction, emotions take over and a once loving husband may forget about how good a woman he has/had. It can be a challenge to maintain physical attraction and a common cause why men cheat on their wives so try to put some spark into your relationship where possible.

Men are very sexual creatures who are in constant need of physical attention. If a man isn’t getting the physical attention he truly desires with his wife, he’ll look for it elsewhere.

Aging also plays a big factor in why men will cheat on their spouse. A lot of husbands will want a younger more fitter version of his wife or in some cases a woman with completely different physical features to try something new.

Stress at Home: Random late nights at the office? Cell phone dying? Going out more with friends over staying at home with the family? These are all tell tale signs that a husband may be cheating.
While these are all contributing factors to why men cheat, there is usually a motive to why the husband is not at home. The most common motive is stress.

Stress from not having time to relax at home, stress from not having enough sex, stress from the bills, stress from his wife getting on his case and so on.

When the home becomes a stressful environment the husband no longer wants to be there. What was once a safe haven has become a place of negativity that is no longer enjoyable.

why do men cheat

Understand that stress on a relationship, especially in the home, will force a man away from his family and out into a world of good looking women. And when it’s time for a man to decide on the good vs bad – a good looking women who’s looking for some infidelity doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Attention Driven Motives: Married men, like married women, secretly crave attention. While marriage and a lifelong commitment to each other is a huge deal, knowing that you still “got it” is only natural.

We all want to feel wanted, needed, desired, and so fourth from time to time, but some married men take it to far and go fourth with physical action.

Going out and reliving the “single days” to see if he’s still got it is something married men will do just to give themselves an extra boost of confidence. Whether he decides to cheat or not is a big test on his character.

Wants to Get Caught/Unhappy: Let’s face it, some men are cry babies. Instead of sitting down with their spouse to talk about their issues, they’ll seek attention through their negative actions. Guys are not the best at communication as we know so its best to try and create an environment where he can chat comfortably.

In some cases, going out and cheating on their spouse is an outcry to say “I’m unhappy!” While this isn’t the best way to get his spouses attention, some will do this with no remorse whatsoever because they believe it’s all about them.

If some men men cheat on their wives, can You Do Anything About a Cheating Husband?

Of Course you can, but it has to be early or else you’ll be catching a cheater instead of preventing one. You can spice your sex life up, try new positions and have spontaneous sex in random place. Ask him what his fantasies are and cater to them by dressing up in different sexy outfits.

Instead of yelling, screaming, and making him feel guilty – sit down and talk your issues out and find some common ground. Get into counseling immediately before the late nights at the office become more frequent.

Get your hair and nails done and be wife that your husband can be proud of. Men know that you won’t retain the same looks that they fell in love with, but they’ll appreciate the effort that you still want to look good for him.

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