Planning A Surprise Birthday Party For Your Man? Follow This!

If you think that planning a surprise birthday party for your man is hard, then you’re going to be relieved when you read the following.

Considering the fact that your guys is a manly man, enjoys drinks, friends, sports, music and food – this surprise birthday party you’re throwing him is going to be a piece of cake.

Here’s how you do it the right way.


Planning A Surprise Birthday Party: Winning Tips

Don’t Mention It. If you’re super excited to throw your boyfriend a surprise birthday party, keep that excitement to yourself. If you tell your girlfriends or your man’s close friends, the beans might spill unexpectedly and he’ll have to fake his excitement. When it’s just you two talking and you know his birthday is coming up, don’t even mention the possibility of a surprise birthday party. The surprise is in just doing it.

Keep It Offline. The entire principle behind planning a surprise birthday party is to keep it a surprise. While it’s obvious that you want everyone to know, you also don’t want people within his close circle of influence to know. Again it’s all about keeping a tight lid on the surprise. So don’t go creating a private Facebook group and expect him to never find out. Keep it traditional by inviting people in person and through text messages. You could also ask a few close friends of his to invite everyone.

Do It Somewhere He Least Expects. If you start heading back to your own house or apartment, he’s probably not going to expect anything. While this is a good place, the last thing he wants to do is clean up once the last song has played. So don’t do it there. Instead, try scheduling to pick up your friends at their house to ride with you to “dinner” and then throw the surprise there.

Parking Spots. The worst thing that can happen is bringing your man to the destination and a ton of cars being in blatant sight. Everyone has to be at least 1 block away and walk up to make it a surprise. This one is an obvious.

Perfect Decoy. You’ve got to either be the decoy or have someone who can be a great decoy drive your man around or occupy his time. They’ve got to do it very subtly so that he doesn’t have a clue. The last thing you want to do is show up too early and ruin the surprise. Make sure your cover up is planned in advance.

Decorations. The standard balloons, happy birthday sign, and other decorations will do just fine. If you’re planning a themed party however, you can decorate as desired. And be sure to have an outfit that fits the theme ready for your man when he walks through the door. It’s an extra funny gesture and makes him feel extra important since he’ll be the main attraction.

Food. This one is a given when throwing any get together. Assume that people will be hungry and keep everything simple. Hiring one of his favorite places he loves to eat out at to cater the party is always a huge plus. The food will win his heart and he’ll love you for it.

The Cake. Find a cake that says I love you but that also says this is your special day. It could be something funny, maybe his favorite sports team, some inside joke you two have. Whatever it is, make it special and have it made ahead of time!

Alcohol. Have plenty of it! The last thing you want to do is run out of drinks for the night and have to leave to go grab some. Always stock up once and then have a back up.

Drinking Games. Everybody is there for your man and not only wants him to have a great time, but they want to have a great time as well. Remembering that you’re catering for everyone else’ needs as well provides you with an opportunity to have a ton of drinking (or non-drinking) games so that everyone can have a good time.

Music. You don’t want everyone going up and putting their iPod or iPhone in to play the next track. When people start playing drunk DJ, things can get ugly. A surefire way to avoid this is to hire a DJ, create a really long playlist (although you might get crap if it sucks), buy a Pandora account (to avoid commercials), or my all time favorite – rent a karaoke machine! The karaoke machine is really awesome because it gets everyone involved at the party and makes for one hell of a night.

Embarrass Him (In A Funny Way). One of the best ways I’ve seen a girl throw an awesome surprise birthday party for her man was by using a little creativity and photoshop. She cropped her man’s head onto bodies of strippers and put the pictures everywhere. And when I mean everywhere, I mean in the most awkward places. Like when you lift up the toilet seat to handle business awkward haha. Make sure that whatever you do is within the comfort level of your relationship of course!

Be His Birthday Present. At the end of the day or night, the best birthday present you can give him is you. Buy yourself something nice and give him a grand finale to make it extra special.

Bonus Thoughts. Guys all want a surprise birthday party. Any guy that says “I don’t care” is pretty much full of crap. Now get out there and throw your man a surprise birthday party that he’ll never forget!

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