3 Fun Facts About Men That Women Wish They Knew

Men are mystical creatures. Ok scratch that…men are slobs..pigs..degenerates..etc. Does that give you some woman power? Good.

Now that we’ve established that men are the scum of the earth (in the feminist woman’s eye) let’s talk about some funny truths about men. Or damn at least about me?

Here are 7 fun facts about men that women wish they knew about sooner.

1. We Masturbate All The Time

Guys jerk off. Deal with it. If you aren’t giving him pleasure, he will find it in the form of a free online porn site. The days where men had to go into public settings to buy a nudie magazine or rent a naughty film are over. Porn is everywhere and every single guy has and is taking advantage of the surplus of skin.

2. We Check Out Women

Biologically speaking, men are checking out women every single second of the day. This doesn’t mean that if you’re in a relationship with an awesome guy, that he’s cheating. Far from that. All we’re saying is that attractive women attract the eyes and


that’s just how it is. So if you’re basing your relationship off of “if you can steal my man’s eyes away from me, you can have him” mentality, then you’re full of yourself and you need to get your ego checked. You do it too, only with instagram. Oh..and following celebrities makes it “okay” hu? Pshhh

3. We Do The Vagina Tuck

This basically implies that we tuck our penis between our legs, and expose our bushy man area so that it appears to look like a vagina! Hooray!! we’re twins!


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