Does He Really Love Me?

If you are wondering does he really love me, you are not alone. The truth is that many girls all over the world are constantly wondering the same thing. Many girls may fear that their guy does not really love them, but is in fact just in love with the idea of them or may just want a girlfriend for the sake of it.

Fortunately for all you girls out there, I am a guy and I am here to help you answer the question: Does he really love me? I can almost sure you that after you have finished reading this, you will almost know for certain if he in fact does love you or not.

It is time to find out the truth does he really love me?

He goes the extra mile

If a guy goes the extra mile to do things for you, I can promise you that this means that he more than likely does in fact really love you. A guy will not go out of his way to help his girlfriend if he doesn’t actually love her. I have seen this many times before with my male friends and I know this from myself.

When a guy is into his girlfriend and he really does love her, you will be able to see it a mile away. Even if he is very “macho” and does not speak about his feelings, his actions will reveal the truth.

If he helps out with lifts, or buys you small gifts. Does he help your parents with things when he comes to visit? Is he extra polite to your family and friends? All these small things are strong, indicating factors that he actually does really love you. A guy really won’t bother to make the effort or put in extra work if he doesn’t really love you.

Does he really love me?

He wants to make you happy

If he values your happiness even in some cases more than his own, then I can promise you that he does love you. You see guys may be very strange creatures, but the truth is that we actually have really big hearts when it comes to the people that we love. As a guy I can tell you first hand that if I love a girl, I will genuinely want to make her happy. I won’t want to do this for my own benefit, but rather for hers. If a guy cares deeply about a girl and genuinely loves her he will do everything within his given power to make her happy.

If you want to test this theory, you can simply tell him a few things that make you happy. If he does these things, then this is a strong, indicating factor that he wants you to be happy and really loves. It could something as small as always bringing a cup of coffee exactly the way that you like it from your favorite coffee shop.

He makes an effort to reach out to you when you are apart

One of the most telling signs about knowing if a guy loves you or not, is to monitor his behavior when you are apart. If he reaches out to you and tells you how much he is missing you then this is definitely a strong indicating factor that he does in fact love you. If he is thinking about you when he is away from you and he tells you this, then you do need to believe him. I know as a guy that the moment I am away from a girl that I love, I always make an effort to phone or text her to say goodnight or good morning and I let her know I am missing her.

The small things can tell you everything

If you are busy wondering does he really love me? I can let you in on a little secret. It is not the big things that matter, but the small things. The small little things that he does will be able to help you answer this question almost immediately.

By paying attention to the small things that he does and says, you will be able to tell if he genuinely loves you or not. If he reaches over to give you a kiss when you are in public or he takes your hand first, things like this is what you need to pay attention to. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much the little things can actually tell you about his feelings for you. I am a guy so trust me when I tell you I know what I am talking about.

He gives you your space and he trusts you

Despite what girls may think, the truth is that if we love a girl we will trust her. If he trusts you to go out for a girl’s night or even allows you to have male friends, this is not because he does not care but it is actually the opposite. If a guy loves you he will trust you enough to be your own person, without trying to control you.

Many girls get this wrong and think that if a guy loves them, he should be super jealous. While jealousy is a good thing, if someone is too jealous this does not mean that they love you but rather that they objectify you. A guy, who really loves his girlfriend, will know and trust her to always act in the right way. Trust me when I tell you, you can stop thinking does he really me, and you can start knowing that he does.

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