How to Keep a Guy Interested in 21 Effective Ways

 Want to really know how to keep a guy interested? We’ve put together these 21 effective tips that you can start using as soon as today to see instant results.

Look, it’s very easy to get a guys attention, but after a while it can be hard to keep it. Every guy wants to be with the girl every other girl envies and that every other guy wishes they had.

You want to be this girl don’t you?

How to Keep a Guy Interested
In order to really keep a guy interested, all you have to do is capture his attention for a split second but within that split second you have to be extremely desirable.

Use these 21 tips on how-to-keep-a-guy-interested-post how to keep a guy interested, and you’ll see just how easy it is to keep his attention and his heart.

#1 Be Spontaneous
Although rarely admitted, guys love surprises. The best way to be spontaneous is to plan something that the two of you can do together. Set up a picnic in your local park or take him to his favorit e sports bar and front the bill. He’ll appreciate the fact that you’re willing to take care of him and cater to his likes without the need of a special occasion.

#2 Be Independent
Guys love being with their lady but they also need their own time alone. He wants to see that you can do your own thing without needing him by your side. It’ll keep him wondering about what you’re doing without him, and in the end will keep him interested in the stories you have to share about your day later on. A highly recommended solution on how to keep a guy interested.

#3 Compliment His Style
In other words be his arm candy. Your guy will love the idea that you two can match when you go out in public. Now don’t treat it like your matching with your middle school girlfriends, calling each other to see what you were going to wear to school the next day. Take notice in his style and complement it with your own. (Bonus: never dress him)

#4 Scent is Everything
Keep your man interested by smelling good. Guys especially love it when some of your scent rubs off onto one of his pillows – this gives him something to wake up to even when you’re not there. This is an instant reminder of you in the morning and a sure bet on how to keep him interested.

#5 Expand Your Music Palette
Liking the same type of music and different kinds of music is a big plus in his eyes. This opens up a window of possibilities when it comes to concerts and local shows in your community. Expand your music palette for yourself but also for him and you’ll see his interest peak. Plus, you won’t like every other girl who listens to the same radio station over and over again with the same repetitive songs – BORING.

#6 Get Along with His Friends
If you can get along with his friends you will be the coolest girlfriend ever. Every guy wants to bring their girlfriend around from time to time but doesn’t want to get any crap from his friends for doing so. So if you can be cool with his friends you, won’t be seen as an intruder anymore. If anything he’ll want to show you off more and he’ll extend an invite more often.

#7 Invite Him
Next time you’re going to run errands or out with your girls,  invite him out of the house to join you. Although he may be glued to the TV playing Call of Duty, he’ll still appreciate the gesture. It’s the thought that counts!

#8 Take an Interest in His Hobbies
Every guy has a hobby, and if he hasn’t already told you what it is then ask him. Guys like it when you’re willing to do something they like to do. You don’t really have to like it, but do it because he likes to do it and you like him. He’ll be pleasantly surprised and it gives you another excuse or “reason” to hang out with each other. Winning.

#9 Public Affection
Some guys aren’t open to the whole PDA (Public Display of Affection) thing, but it’s your job to help get him out of his comfort zone. You don’t need to have a full on make-out session to do this. Try something simple like holding onto his arm, it’ll give him more confidence and may even open him up to some public smooches in the near future!

#10 Compliment His Qualities
When you see that he’s doing really well at school, work or has something else he’s in the process of accomplishing – pay him a compliment. Guys would rather be complimented for their qualities than their looks. Just like you would rather he tell you how smart you are than “hey, I love your rack babe.” You get the picture.

#11 Buy Him Beer
Find out what his favorite beer is and then surprise him with it! Now not every guy drinks (okay almost all guys do) but if you really want to keep a guy interested, beer is the way to his heart. Buy him a beer when you two are out on the town or a six-pack when you’re staying in for dinner and a movie.

#12 Get Along with His Family
Guys are almost always family oriented, and some are even dedicated mama’s boys. If you can win the heart of his family and convince them that you’re a girl worth keeping, he’ll want you around even more than before. You should only do this because you genuinely want to make an effort to get to know his family. If you aren’t sincere about your intentions then don’t go through with it, his mom will sense you’re being a kiss ass and may even pull you aside for a little “girl talk.”

#13 Be There For Him
Guys have feelings to and sometimes need a shoulder to lean on. It’s your job as his right hand woman to be that shoulder, and to be that girl who’s going to shower him with positivity to lift up his spirits. Do this and he’ll go to you before anyone else whenever he’s in need of a good pep talk.

#14 Have Limited Availability
One of the oldest tricks in the book is to be unavailable. Sixty-percent of the time this works every time. Do this on some rare occasions if you feel like you aren’t getting the attention you deserve. Almost immediately he’ll wonder why the routine of you always being there has changed. The roles will automatically reverse and he’ll be the one who wants to be there for you. Don’t abuse this tip or else it can backfire on you, some guys will consider this a game and will look for affection and attention elsewhere.

#15 Financially Independent
Having your own finances in order is a big turn on to him. He’ll appreciate the idea that he doesn’t have to provide for you and in turn will want to provide for you. He’ll want to take care of you because he knows you don’t necessarily need him to. So handle your finances, avoid debt and be on your grind!

#16 Be a Good Cook
Any girl can pick up her cell phone and call for delivery, but it takes a real woman to cook something good for her man. So if you really want to keep a guy interested, food (and beer) is the way to do it. Guys are beasts who love to eat, so if you can feed him and showcase your cooking skills he’ll appreciate you a lot more.

#17 Hold Your Liquor and Don’t Be a Drama Queen
Despite watching countless UFC events and acting like a tough guy, he would actually rather avoid drama and fighting all together. So don’t be a drama queen when you’re out on the town, even if you’ve had a little too much to drink. Hold your liquor, avoid the drama and impress your man one shot at a time.

#18 Have Intelligent Conversations
Any girl can get her hair done, nails done and get a fake tan, but only real girls can hold an intelligent conversation. Guys definitely want a girl that looks good, but they also want a girl to communicate with. Learn how to engage in meaningful conversations and you’ll easily keep his interest even when you aren’t looking your best.

#19 Don’t Be Clingy/Needy
Guys need their space. When you bombard a guy with emotions or “I need you” feelings all the time, it can become very annoying. In the beginning stages of a relationship this is okay, but eventually you need to learn how to deal with your own problems. Learn how to take care of yourself and he’ll want to be there for you more often. Sounds funny but it’s the truth and it’ll work to your advantage.

#20 Don’t Be a Doormat
Guys don’t like a girl they can walk all over. If you really want to keep his interest and earn his respect at the same time, throw a joke back when he throws a joke at you. Have an opinion and don’t be afraid to check his ego from time to time.

#21 Sexual Creativity
Having sex in the same bedroom, in the same positions and eventually with the same girl can become very boring for a guy. Unless you change the routine he will get bored very fast. So the best thing you can do is expand your sexual creativity, break down the walls and be open to new things. Start by dressing up in a sexy outfit playing out some of his fantasies is a great way to keep a guy interested. You can also tell him what you want instead of him taking control all of the time. Guys like it when you express what you want instead of them having to figure it all out. Finally, have sex in different environments outside of the bedroom – the crazier the better. You’ll create memories that both of you can enjoy and ones that he definitely won’t forget.

If you have any comments on how to keep a guy interested just drop a note below..

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