Signs He Thinks You’re The One

Are you looking for the signs he thinks you’re the one? Do you want to know for sure? Do you secretly think that he is the one? Do you want to see if your thoughts and feelings match his? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then you breathe a big sigh of relief because you have come to the right place.

If you are looking for signs he thinks you’re the one, and then you may just be able to spot them. In fact, this may be easier for you than you think. The good news is that I am a guy and I can tell you completely honestly from my perspective how we know these things. I can also tell you what you need to look out for and how you go about finding the answers to this question.

Are there real signs he thinks you’re the one?

Okay so there are some signs and signals which can you help figure this all out. While some of these may seem obvious to you, others may not be so obvious. However each should be able to help you. If only one of these helps you to figure it out, then I am happy with that too. I genuinely would like you to get the answers which you are looking for. As let’s face it sitting in limbo and wondering is probably doing your head in.

He is affectionate to you in public

When a guy thinks that you are the one, he will be very affectionate to you in public. In fact, he may introduce you to his parents and family. If he invites you to family gatherings and he holds your hand during them, then this is a definite sign that he is very serious about you and your future together. The chances are high that if he is this serious about your future together, then he definitely thinks that you are the one.

Signs he thinks you're the oneEveryone in his life knows about you

One of the most telling signs is when a guy tells everybody about you. When I say everybody, I do mean literally “everybody”. If all the people at work, his friends, family and even random acquaintances of his knows about you, then this could be a strong, indicating factor that he does in fact think that you are the one for him. He would not be telling everyone about you and your relationship if he wasn’t serious about you, you can trust me on that.

You share similar values

If you share similar values and morals, then you definitely stand a good chance of being the one for him. It is even better if he has expressed this to you. Once he realizes or has realized that you both are on the same page with things, then you should be able to see immediately if he thinks you are the one or not.

He speaks about the future

I can almost guarantee you that he thinks you are the one, if he talks to you about the future. In fact if he starts to make plans for the future, then you know what his feelings are. Guys can actually be very easy to read as they are not good at hiding things, therefore if he thinks you are the one for him it usually will be written all over his face when he mentions your future together.

He tells you

This is very obvious, but he if he tells you that you are the only one for him, then you should believe him. Although it is always easier to wonder how many girls he has said this to in the past and question if he is being honest, rather accept what he is saying. If he tells you that you are the only girl in the world for him, then you should believe what he is saying. If he is an honest guy who tells the truth, most of the time, then there is absolutely no reason to not trust or believe him.

He makes you feel like the luckiest girl in the world

It is quite obvious if he goes completely out of his way for you. If he is willing to help you in any situation and support you through everything, including your bad moods, then I can almost certainly guarantee you that he thinks you are the one. You can honestly trust me when I tell you, that he would never in a million years be doing all of these things for you if he didn’t see a future with you. If he acts in a selfless manner and truly cares about whom you are as a person, then you can be assured that this is yet another sign that you are the one for him.

Even though he may not say, you will be able to tell exactly how he feels by the way that he acts and the things that he does. If he treats you like a princess and makes you feel special, then these are signs he thinks you’re the one.

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