What Do Men Really Want In Bed?

What do men really want in bed? This is an age old question that women are still trying to figure out. Whether you’re a frisky college student looking to make the most of your college experience or a wife looking to spark the fire back into her marriage, it’s time we gave you the low down on what men really want in bed.

Assuming that you’ve already got a man, we can cut straight through the relationship talk and get straight to the sheets. For started, understand that every guy is different. While touching a man’s member will almost always get him aroused, there’s still some techniques that you as a woman must master if you are to truly please your man.

What Do Men Really Want In Bed? Know What He Doesn’t Like First

Understanding what men don’t want in bed is just as important as understanding what men really want in bed. You can know everything there is to know to please a man, but if you don’t know what not to do, you could throw off the balance of pleasure and make your sex life cold and unwanted. Your goal should be to make sex something that your man looks forward to, not a chore that he gets no pleasure from.

Here’s A Quick List of What Guys Don’t Want In Bed:

  • Grinding your teeth against his member during oral sex – very painful ladies – don’t do it
  • Bad hygiene – be sure to use the restroom before sex and clean yourself up – smell good for your man


  • Laying back and expecting him to do everything “the woman who lays there is known as a Starfish”
  • Engaging in basic conversations during sex – this will kill the mood and make man limp – don’t do it
  • Bringing up ex-lovers prior to sex – the last thing you need your man to do is make comparisons
  • Talking about using the restroom before sex  – just don’t do it
  • Fat chicks – some guys do like heavier women but for the most part a big woman is not attractive
  • Super hairy surprises – you don’t have to look like a new born baby, but grooming is encouraged

Now that you have a better understanding of what men don’t want in bed, let’s dive into the meat and potatoes of what men really want in bed. The point of this next section is to keep an open mind and remain optimistic to what men really love in bed. If you don’t keep an open mind you might as well stop reading right now.

Here’s What Guys Really Want In Bed

Knowing what each individual man wants is bed is very different. Some guys might be into casual sex while other guys enjoy being whipped and dominated. This probably sounds really weird but it’s entirely true. While all men are into different things, here are some general seductions you can take away to further please your man.

Dirty Talk – this should be common practice whenever you’re getting in the mood. Start dirty talking to your man and telling him exactly what you’re going to do to him or what you want him to do to you. Compliment his face, body, and even his “Johnson.” Tell him how good he makes you feel (even if he doesn’t) and how badly you want him. The more confidence a man has the more pleasure he’ll want to give you. All of this dirty talk ultimately empowers men to go “full throttle” until you’re 100% satisfied.

Role Reversal – While a lot of guys enjoy taking control of the situation, some men actually prefer if the woman takes charge. Whenever you have the opportunity to take control of the sex, do it. Telling your man to take you from certain positions gives men the sense of a job well done. He’s no longer playing the guessing game and wondering what you want because you’re deliberately telling him.

Oral SexEvery guy loves blow jobs. Some men have preferred angles while others will take it however it comes. The point is to do it to the best of your ability and to mix it up from time to time. Use what many guys call “wrist action” and stroke the shaft while you’re giving him oral pleasure. Give him one while he’s standing, laying on the bed, or even in a 69 position so you can get your pleasure as well. Avoid letting routine set in and use the variety of positions to keep things fresh.

And last but not least don’t move out of the way when he cums. You don’t have to like it, but just try it. If it doesn’t taste good, tell him to eat pineapples, cucumbers, and strawberries. Word from women on the street is this makes it taste better. Your effort will be recognized and you can expect him to give a lot more for trying.

Lingerie – every guy wants some type of fantasy played out. Whether it’s the standard school girl outfit or you dressing up as his favorite child hood lady super hero (that was weird). Whatever his fantasy is, play it out for him to get off to. If he doesn’t have a fantasy in mind then come up with one together. If all else fails, wear some sex lingerie and you’ll get an A for effort.

Toys/Lubricants – bring some “third party” sex toys and lubricants into the bedroom whenever possible. Hell go out and buy them together or surprise him by buying them on your own. The more ways you two can pleasure each other the better.

Good Looking Women – if men wanted ugly women then the Victoria Secret fashion show wouldn’t have an entire audience of men watching it every single year. It’s understandable if you aren’t the most attractive women in the world, you’re either blessed with good genes or your not. But this doesn’t mean it’s okay to just give up on yourself and never work out. You should want to be healthy and at least be in physically good shape. You’ll not only gain more stamina in the bedroom but will feel good about yourself in the real world. It never hurts to get into shape.

The Best Way to Find What Your Man Really Wants in Bed

Ask him! Men are the simplest creatures on planet earth. We think with logic and if you ask, you’ll get a straight forward answer. It’s definitely in your best interest so make it happen! Dont be shy in bed, be enthusiastic 😉

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