How To Make A Guy Jealous

If you are wondering how to make a guy jealous, I really hope that you have some good reasons for this. As a guy and also a human being, I would like to remind you that making a guy jealous on purpose is not always the best thing to do. In many cases you may end up pushing him away completely or alternatively someone could get hurt in the process.

Making a guy jealous on purpose is actually a very cruel thing to do. Instead of wanting to know how to make a guy jealous for the wrong reasons, I am going to hope that this is for the right reasons. You see a little bit of jealousy in a relationship is a good thing, but it has to be subtle and not cruel.

How to make a guy jealous without ruining your chances

It is important to learn how to make a guy jealous, without actually ruining your chances of being with him. This means that you can make a little bit jealous, but you will need to be mature enough to know when to draw the line. You will also need to be mature enough to have set boundaries and to ensure that you don’t take this too far.

After all, your goal should not be to hurt him or make him angry, the goal should be just to make him a little bit jealous. If you are in a relationship with this guy or you want to enter into a relationship with him, then you should care about him enough to not want to hurt him.

Mention hot celebrities

This is one of the best methods of making a guy jealous or to test if he gets jealous, without complicating matters with someone he can actually get angry at or even hurt. Now you don’t need to lay this on too thick, so you will need to plan how to do it. What this entails is simply letting him know how hot you think a certain male celebrity is, you could use your male celeb crush like Tatum Channing or Ryan Reynolds. Let him know how attractive you find this man and what a big celeb crush you have always had.

Look amazing when you go out

One thing that will definitely make him jealous is if you look your absolute best when you go out in public. You should make a big effort to look your best, go and get your hair done or wear a super special outfit. This usually helps to make a guy jealous because he knows how good you look. He knows that other guys will be looking at you and you will be turning heads. If you are eating out for example and the waiter is a male, he should start to feel a pang of jealousy when you are talking to him and ordering your meal.

How to make a guy jealous

Smile at other guys

You need to do this in the appropriate way, without it coming across like you are flirting or acting inappropriately. The best way to do this is to smile at other guys in a natural way when you happen to also look your best. For example, when you are at the movies, you can say “thank you “in a very sweet voice and smile at the guy who hands you the popcorn.

Nothing too over the top and no actual flirting as this will make him not want to be with you or put the wrong idea into his head. You need to simply smile and be polite to other attractive guy around you, without it appearing like you are actively flirting. It is a fine balance, but you will get the hang of this in no time.

Having friends who are males

You need to tread carefully with this one and I am telling you now, you need to ensure that you have no history at all with this male friend. Make sure that it was always platonic and that you have never even kissed in the past. You don’t want to “rock the boat” so to speak and drive the guy away completely; you simply want to make him a bit jealous.

The best way to do this and this is my recommendation as a guy, I am telling you the truth here and providing you with some honest and valuable information, I think it is best to be friends with males who are gay. The reason that I say this is because if you have a friend who is into guys, but he doesn’t appear very feminine then this can make the guy jealous but it won’t make him angry. You can also tell him after he has been jealous for a while that actually your male friend is gay and not even into women.

In conclusion

Once again, I urge you to be very careful in trying to make a guy jealous. Although it may be very tempting to try and get some of your female friends involved as well to help you, rather refrain from doing this. I have seen groups of girls trying to make guys jealous in the past and it ends up completely chasing the guy away.

Remember that if you make reference to attractive men, especially in the beginning of the relationship or getting to know one another rather make sure it is a celebrity far away. Never ever be stupid enough to comment on one of his friends or anything like that, even if the guy is drop dead gorgeous. I hope all this inside information will help you in the future to know how to make a guy jealous in all the right ways.

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